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Plunkitt of Tammany Hall

George Washington Plunkitt

Book Overview: 

“I seen my opportunities and I took ‘em.”, George Washington Plunkitt of Tamminy Hall. There’s honest graft and dishonest graft according to Plunkitt. Listen to this candid discourse from a 19th century politician, and decide for yourself if things have changed.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .ation, but had been allowed to serve his country as he wished, he would be in a good office today, drawin' a good salary. Ah, how many young men have had their patriotism blasted in the same way!

Now, what is goin' to happen when civil service crushes out patriotism? Only one thing can happen: the republic will go to pieces. Then a czar or a sultan will turn up, which brings me to the fourthly of my argument—that is, there will be h—— to pay. And that ain't no lie.

Chapter 4. Reformers Only Mornin' Glories

COLLEGE professors and philosophers who go up in a balloon to think are always discussin' the question: "Why Reform Administrations Never Succeed Themselves!" The reason is plain to anybody who has learned the a, b, c of politics.

I can't tell just how many of these movements I've seen started in New York during my forty years in politics, but I can tell you how many have lasted more tha. . . Read More

Community Reviews

A fantastic introduction by Terrence MacDonald puts Plunkitt in his place. This most infamous of early 20th century "ward bosses" consciously created his image as an anti-reform picaresque machine politician because he knew it would get him copy, and Evening Post reporter William Riordon was only to

An insider's view of how to win hearts, minds and votes in New York during the heyday of the early 20th century Tammany Hall machine. Plunkitt's reflections on politics and its rewards are downright hilarious. As you might expect from a Tammany ward boss, his hatred of civil service reform is unsati

A short charming paean to modest corruption—honest graft as Plunkitt, a New York City politician of the late 18th and early 19th century, calls it, as well as the patronage system as exemplified in Tammany Hall, as delivered in a series of short lectures. And like, sure this is questionable af, but

This is collection of speeches, talks, saying, and similar given by the New York City Democratic politician, G.W. Plunkitt, George Washington that is, a man whom after reading this I believe held himself in nearly as a high esteem as his namesake. It was originally presented for publishing in 1905 b

2021-03-19 This was one of the books assigned by the "New Left" professor I had for Into to Government class in college (~1974-5). It was a very candid account of the head of the Tammany Hall "machine" in NY City in the late 1800s, George Washington Plunkitt, who explained the different between "Hon

This book gives an enthralling account of the New York City Democratic Party machine around the time of the turn of the century. Plunkitt seems to be the most personable man ever, and understands everything around him very well. He is incredibly honest about how he wins elections, and his not always

This guy really hates civil service reform.

Plunkitt was saying out-loud, in public, from his permanent “office hours” spot at the boot black stand in the County Courthouse, what most politicians were doing in secret (and still do).

Excellent pick for any political, Union, or activist reading group.

An enchanting look at the old Tammany Hall political machine at the turn of the 20th century. Through the eyes of one of the machine politicians--George Washington Plunkitt. His discussions of honest versus dishonest graft, reformers, how to advance in the system, how to be a successfully elected po

George Washington Plunkitt was a solid foot soldier in the Tammany Hall machine at its peak, in the latter 1800s etc. This book is laced with his observations: "I seen my opportunities and I took them." Or his analysis of the distinction between honest and dishonest graft. Down to earth, amusing, an

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