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Pierre and Jean

Guy de Maupassant

Book Overview: 

This short novel’s titular characters are brothers. An old family friend dies, leaving without explanation his entire fortune to Jean, the younger brother. Pierre, the protagonist, is puzzled, jealous, and increasingly bitter. A bequest, a secret, a major decision. This, Maupassant’s fourth novel, is considered by many to be his finest.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Roland's lively and bold imagination; he had made friends with the old Pole, without, however, having ever extracted from him any revelation as to his former career. It was owing to the young doctor that this worthy had come to settle at Havre, counting on the large custom which the rising practitioner would secure him. Meanwhile he lived very poorly in his little shop, selling medicines to the small tradesmen and workmen in his part of the town.

Pierre often went to see him and chat with him for an hour after dinner, for he liked Marowsko's calm look and rare speech, and attributed great depth to his long spells of silence.

A simple gas-burner was alight over the counter crowded with phials. Those in the window were not lighted, from motives of economy. Behind the counter, sitting on a chair with his legs stretched out and crossed, an old man, quite bald, with a large beak of a nose which, as a prolongation of his hairless forehead, gave him a melan. . . Read More

Community Reviews

One of those sad, sad stories about families and their inability to be good for and to each other!

Maupassant excels at neat studies of dysfunctional family situations. Beautiful French, just as in Une vie.

I found myself constantly wanting to tell Pierre's and Jean's parents that they cause all prob

[Fresh from his triumphs in Bel-Ami, ROBERT PATTINSON will shortly be appearing in Pierre et Jean, directed by A FAMOUS FRENCH DIRECTOR. The following outtake has turned up on YouTube]

FRENCH DIRECTOR: Vous vous souvenez peut-être, j'ai dit que tout le monde doit lire le roman. Monsieur Pattinson, no

What can easily ruin the relationships between mother and son, and siblings? Maupassant offers an answer in this novel and he presents it so simply, so matter-of-fact, and so straightforward that I found myself completely moved by the story of Pierre and Jean. The psychological impact of this book g

Δεύτερο βιβλίο του Γκι Ντε Μοπασάν που διαβάζω, μετά το πολύ καλό "Ο Οξαποδώ" που διάβασα φέτος τον Μάρτιο, και δηλώνω ξανά ικανοποιημένος. Πρόκειται για ένα κοινωνικό δράμα με διαχρονικούς προβληματισμούς για τις οικογενειακές σχέσεις, το οποίο έχει να προσφέρει πράγματα και στον σημερινό αναγνώστη

E' vero che sono rimasti solo i più famosi e più bravi, che molti sono finiti nell'oblio, ma quando capita di fare qualche confronto con parecchia robaccia attuale cascano un po' le braccia.

This novel displays all the things lurking in the character's mind . I like Pierre's thoughts , some writings are good and that's all .


Not my cup of tea

The obvious reading of this novel is that of the fragility of familial life, how the intertwined relations of multiple persons over a lifetime can be rent asunder by a chance of fate that was neither sought nor expected.

Yet I can't help think there is a deeper meaning to this novel than this surfac

Molto difficile per me esprimere un parere su quest’opera. Non conosco la produzione di Maupassant, è stato il primo libro che ho letto. Ne ho ricavato l’impressione di uno scrittore maturo, capace, di talento, che sa usare molto bene la sua penna per rappresentare i tormenti di un giovane uomo scon

Pierre and Jean is a novel about brotherhood and how they are driven apart when one of them becomes the heir of a great fortune, left him by a close friend of the family from long ago. From then off the family gets focused upon Jean, the heir. Pierre feels neglected and decides to become a doctor on

Mr. Roland, a former Parisian jeweler with a passion for sailing, retired to Le Havre with his wife and two sons: Pierre, the eldest, a medical graduate, and Jean, his youngest five-year-old, who has just finished his law degree . During a family fishing trip with a young widow, Mrs. Rosemilly, the

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