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Phineas Redux

Anthony Trollope

Book Overview: 

Phineas Redux is the fourth in Trollope’s series of six Palliser novels. At the end of Phineas Finn, the second novel in the series, Phineas had returned to Ireland and married his childhood sweetheart after having left the House of Commons. As Phineas Redux opens, Phineas is working as a Poorhouse Inspector in Ireland. His wife having died in childbirth, he finds his existence dull and unsatisfying. Phineas’ returns to England; his career advances and his romantic adventures continue, while we encounter many familiar characters including Glencora and Plantagenet Palliser, Madame Goesler, and Lizzie Eustace and her husband the Reverand Mr. Aemelius.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .do could do nothing with the fox she had found unless he was there to help her.

Spooner was quite right, as he generally was on such occasions. He knew the hounds even by voice, and knew what hound he could believe. Most hounds will lie occasionally, but Dido never lied. And there were many besides Spooner who believed in Dido. The whole pack rushed to her music, though the body of them would have remained utterly unmoved at the voice of any less reverenced and less trustworthy colleague. The whole wood was at once in commotion,—men and women riding hither and thither, not in accordance with any judgment; but as they saw or thought they saw others riding who were supposed to have judgment. To get away well is so very much! And to get away well is often so very difficult! There are so many things of which the horseman is bound to think in that moment. Which way does the wind blow? And then, though a fox will not long run up wind, he will break covert up win. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Phineas Redux - Anthony Trollope

Ahhhh Phineaaassss!!!
He suffers much more this time. But it’s good for him. He wakes up out of his dream as a result. This was a really subtle piece of emotional manipulation. I cried when the crusty old lawyer fell for his lovely client (well, the keyword here is sub

You shouldn't read Trollope for suspense. But with the other books I enjoyed being as concerned as the characters about the silly bullshit of their privileged lives. Will Phineas be made an Under-Secretary of State at the Colonial Office? Will Madame Max marry the Duke of Palliser? Who is Lizzie Eus

He’s baaaack! Phineas Redux is book number four in the Palliser series and a sequel to both Phineas Finn and The Eustace Diamonds. Phineas, newly widowed, returns from Ireland to try his hand at getting a seat in Parliament again.

There was ever so much description of fox hunting and parliamentary p

The fourth of the six Palliser novels revisits Phineas Finn and looks at the political stage in Victorian England. It is wide ranging and Trollope is at his best. He had recently stood for Parliament (unsuccessfully) and his disenchantment with politics shines through. The is a level of cynicism her

An enjoyable read, though not my favourite Palliser. Funny and compelling, especially in the middle section, with usual wonderful Trollope writing and insight - though the ending was perhaps not precisely what I wanted!

Here I am at the top of another mountain, having climbed Phineas Redux, the forth in Anthony Trollope’s Palliser series. It’s really the sequel to Phineas Finn, the second in the set, though it follows on from The Eustace Diamonds, its immediate predecessor.

It was suggested that I read the Phineas

The more I read Anthony Trollope's stories the more I see the masterful genius of this author. Last year I started his Barestshire series and loved it, so that it seemed natural to read his next series, Palliser. Are these series connected? Yes, because certain characters come pay their visit to thi

A guest on some podcast I was half-listening to the other day brought me up short with this arresting prophecy: “I feel like 2016 is that moment just before an earthquake when dogs are barking like crazy, rats are fleeing the cities and gerbils are eating their young.” I may be paraphrasing slightly

Now look here, Trollope, you gave me your word that there would be less fox-hunting in this novel and instead I find just the opposite to be the case. As your publisher I am compelled to tell you that you are sure to lose sales unless you cut some of it out. There are characters nattering on about c

I really didn’t mean to read Phineas Redux quite yet, I intended to give some other classic authors some time, after spending so much time with Trollope this year, but my fondness for Phineas and my curiosity to know what was happening in an a world full of so many characters I have come to love …..

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