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The Peril Finders

George Manville Fenn

Book Overview: 

In California settlers are trying to make a living working as fruit-growers. Problems with blights and insects mean that the crops are failing. A prospector arrives and tells stories of ancient cities where there is a lot of gold. He then dies. Some of the settlers decide to go and search for the gold. They have long distances to travel and meet many challenges along the way. They eventually reach one of these cities and find evidence that it has been abandoned by invaders hundreds or thousands of years ago. They then get attacked by Apaches but manage to beat them off and carry on. After spending several years travelling they decide to go back to California where they find that all the other settlers have left, but the fruit farms are blossoming.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .rday that all this salt desert land must at one time have been the bottom of the sea. What do you say to that?”

“Oh!” said Chris thoughtfully, and Ned pushed his broad-leaved hat a little on one side so as to scratch his ear.

“You’re right, though, after all, about lions and tigers, and so was I. Only they’re American lions and tigers—pumas and jaguars, and pumas without any manes, and jaguars with spots instead of stripes. Wait a bit, and we shall come upon some of them. Not here, though; it’s not likely sort of country for them, but there’s mountain land yonder piled-up higher than we shall be able to take our mustangs and mules. We shall find watercourses soon, and that means trees and grass and quite a different climate. The sort of place where we’re quite likely to find Uncle Ephraim at home.”

“What, grizzly bear?” cried Chris excitedly.

“That’s the gentleman,&. . . Read More