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The Perfumed Garden

Sheikh Nefzaoui

Book Overview: 

A fifteenth-century Arabic sex manual and work of erotic literature. The book presents opinions on what qualities men and women should have to be attractive, gives advice on sexual technique, warnings about sexual health, and recipes to remedy sexual maladies. It gives lists of names for the penis and vagina, has a section on the interpretation of dreams, and briefly describes sex among animals. Interspersed with these there are a number of stories which are intended to give context and amusement. (Summary by Wikipedia)

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Community Reviews

"Your religion resides in your vulva, and the manly member is your soul."

A book about sex, with various positions, advices, medical hints, and anecdotes. Sounds like a run of the mill sex education book right?

Well, how about this. It was written sometime in the 15th century (around 600 years ago),

Pretty good as 500 years old book, despite misogyny, which is old as the agriculture.

this is a real song of sensual delights a bit on the daring side. it is no less than than the kama sutra or other erotic literature. but that a Muslim wrote it and the guy was a Kadi, a judge gives it a rare pleasure.

كتاب في "المعاشرة" أو "الكاماسوترا العربية" كما اسميتها وأنا أحدث به أحد اصدقائي. كتاب يبدو وأنه مشهور ولكني لم أكن أعرف عنه شيئا - ولا حتى العنوان و لا الكاتب - قبل هذا الأسبوع. قراءة ممتعة ،مضحكة أحيانا لقدم "الوسائل" و-"الطرق" المستعلة ولكنها مفيدة في الجملة :)

As a child my folks had a copy of The Perfume Garden and kept it hidden. Of course I ferreted it out. Having since allowed my younger self a liberal exposure to the pornography of ours and other generations I conclude that it is not reasonable to lump The Perfume Garden into the category of pornogra

A book advised by Kumar. I found of it a version digitized on the site of BNF. It is a kind Romans Courtois of the Middle Age. But sex is present, naturally, a quest of pleasure . It is a translation a little old-fashioned of the end of XIXth. And I understand the fascination of this people for this

Similar in content to the Kama Sutra, but doused with stories and hence reminiscent of 1001 Arabian Nights. It's also noticeably misogynistic.

The most informationally~oriented chapters:
Chapter 8 : around 68 euphemisms for the male member, with a mid~chapter discussion on dreams.
Chapter 9 : Ditto vi

So far, the most enjoyable, luscious, lascivious, erotic, hard-core, improper, lecherous. lustful, naughty, pornographic, racy, risqué, sexually explicit and '50 Shades Of Grey' '15th century Islamic' book I've read so far.

Its is, after all, the Arabic cum Islamic Kamasutra, with a lot of raunchy st

كسابقه " الروض العاطر في نزهة الخاطر " لنفس الكاتب الشيخ العلامة سيدي محمد النفزاوي حديثه عن النكاح ويتحفنا بنوادر عصره الجنسية.. الكتاب مسل على كل حال، على الرغم من ' فضاحة ' الكتاب إلا انه يعطيك فكرة عن الجنس في هذا العصر والطرق التي يتناولها بها الناس ويفكرون إزاءه.. ولا غرابة ان نجد نفس العقلية

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