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Pariah Planet

Murray Leinster

Book Overview: 

When the blue plague appeared on the planet of Dara, fear struck nearby worlds. The fear led to a hate that threatened the lives of millions and endangered the Galactic peace. But the Med Service ship Aesculapius 20 with Calhoun and Murgatroyd the Tormal aboard are on the job and have stumbled into the horrible mess caused by unreasoning hatred, quarantine, mass starvation and worse. Calhoun must use all his medical knowledge and significant skills to even understand the situation here in neglected Sector 12. Can he and Murgatroyd untangle this Gordian's knot and live to tell the tale?

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Chee-chee-chee!"

"A very sensible suggestion," observed Calhoun. "We'll sit down and have a cup of coffee." To the girl he said, "I'll take you to Orede, since that's where you say you want to go."

"I—there's a boy there—"

Calhoun shook his head.

"No," he said reprovingly. "Nearly all the mining colony had packed itself into the ship that came into Weald with everybody dead. But not all. And there's been no check of what men were in the ship and what men weren't. You wouldn't go to Orede if it were likely your fellow had died on the way to you. Here's your coffee. Sugar or saccho, and do you take cream?"

She trembled a little, but she took the cup.

"I—don't understand—."

"Murgatroyd and I," explained Calhoun—and he did not know whether he spoke out of anger or something else—"we are do-gooders. We go around trying to keep people from getting killed. It's our . . . Read More

Community Reviews

It's odd to have read a story like this after a summer spent watching nearly all of Star Trek TNG, because I wasn't able to stop considering WWPD (What Would Picard Do?).

One thing I'm certain Picard would NOT have done is be such a smug, patronizing sexist. Yikes, but Calhoun annoyed me! He's a goo

A very good story with a extremely bright protagonist versus paranoid and scared people. The story has no real violence or sex just good tension and action. The tale has aged well. The recording is clear and the narrator is well spoken and easy to listen to.

Fantasy reading

This story was first published in Amazing Stories, July 1961.

Let me start with a brief summation of the story:

Calhoun, is a doctor who flies a Med Ship. He has an assistant, Mergatroyd, a Tormal, which is a creature who can quickly develop antibodies from any virus he contracts, from which his antib

My copy was a 1961 first printing paperback. This book is only 126 pages long and it is definitely a product of it's time. I have a few other period paperbacks in this series that I've had for years but never cracked open.

Classic space opera with wooden characters and impossible science. It's part o

This is the same story as Prariah World.

The more I read by Murray Leinster, the more I appreciate what he brought to science fiction. His Med Service series, of which this is the second, is pure Golden Age SF, yet with a much more modern feel than the usual SF of that period. No BEM (bug-eyed monsters) at all just humans struggling agains

A classic, although maybe just because Murray Leinster made is so.
Of course there is a modest hero who singlehandedly saves 3 planets. The dilemma he faces seems impossible to solve with satisfaction for both threatened civilizations. At least 1 or even both will be destroyed in the erupting conflic

1983 grade B-
2022 grade C-

My series book number MD2

Wow, this is very old and out of date, very repetitive, and very hard to finish. Leinster is one of the better SciFi authors. But this book is not good anymore. I actually stopped about half way through and read another novel before coming back to f

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