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Orley Farm

Anthony Trollope

Book Overview: 

Orley Farm is Trollope at his best, which means some of the best characterizations in the English language. Trollope's people are real; the beleaguered Lady Mason, charged with forging a will; the aged lover Sir Peregrine Orme; Madeleine Stavely, deeply but practically in love; the shallow, fickle Sophia Furnival and others are 3-dimensional figures that live and breathe. His satire of the so-called "justice" system is the best kind of satire: he just describes the court proceedings as they really are. The result is as up-to-date as today's newspaper.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .I should be justified in laying all the facts before you—wonderful facts they are too—in an off-hand way like that. These matters have to be considered a great deal. It is not only the extent of the property. There is much more than that in it, Mr. Round."

"If you don't tell me what there is in it, I don't see what we are to do. I am sure you did not give yourself the trouble of coming up here from Hamworth merely with the object of telling us that you are going to hold your tongue."

"Certainly not, Mr. Round."

"Then what did you come to say?"

"May I ask you, Mr. Round, what Mr. Mason has told you with reference to my interview with him?"

"Yes; I will read you a part of his letter—'Mr. Dockwrath is of opinion that the will under which the estate is now enjoyed is absolutely a forgery.' I presume you mean the codicil, Mr. Dockwrath?"

"Oh yes! the codicil of course."

"'And he has in his pos. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Hefty but not heavy: love, loss, iron furniture, legal shenanigans, humour, guilt, revenge, redemption, rat-catching, misunderstanding, a “moulded wife”… and more.

This is a standalone Trollope novel, originally published in instalments of two or three short chapters: the 800+ pages race by. Further

This isn't one of Trollope's best-known novels (though it's hardly obscure), but I think it's one of his best. Years ago, when Sir Joseph Mason died, there had been some question about his will, which left most of his property to his eldest son but included a codicil leaving Orley Farm to his younge

When people ask me, "David, you're obviously a complete nut when it comes to Trollope. I've never read one of his novels, and he wrote so damned many. Which one should I try?", this is the one I recommend. Some in the Barsetshire and Palliser series may be better, but the first book in each of those

I gotta take a Trollope tap out for awhile. He just ddrrraaagggssss everything out sooooo much I just can’t for awhile.

The characters of Joseph Mason and his stepmother Lady Mason, so sharply contrasted are consistent and totally believable. So are the former's resentment, smouldering for 20 years, and the strain on the latter, held at bay for the same period until her resolution is exhausted.

Nonostante le numerose pagine (circa 1142), il piacere che ogni volta provo leggendo Trollope è impagabile.

Con perfetta britannicità, si sviluppano i drammi e gli idilli delle classi medie campagnole – in un ciclo che converge in un appassionante intrigo legale sulla falsificazione di un testamento

Did Lady Mason forge her late husband's will?

We learn the answer to that question early enough, but that is not the point to this story. Her guilt or innocence is beside the point. We must hear from the British class system. And, of more consequence, what of the British system of justice?

The word '

This is perhaps the most unusual of all Trollope's books. The ending is quite extraordinary, morally outrageous even today or perhaps especially in this day and age, just absolutely disgusting.

Trollope writes these long sagas that contain multiple small plots, usually romantic, and writes the chara

In a word, wow! Dare I say it? Yes, I prefer Trollope to Dickens - less sentimental and more fully formed characters. Another novel about the machinations of the legal system and how reputations are made and lost with honor and integrity making merely a cameo appearance. Trollope confirms the protag

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