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Original Short Stories - Volume 9

Guy de Maupassant

Book Overview: 

Collection of Short Stories

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Grand Army, who pointed with pride to the beard of a Cossack cut with a single sword stroke from the chin of its owner by the commandant during the retreat in Russia, and which hung beside the frame containing the cross of the Legion of Honor presented to him by the emperor himself.

The regiment that he commanded was, besides, a picked regiment celebrated all through the province, and the company of grenadiers of Gisors was called on to attend all important ceremonies for a distance of fifteen to twenty leagues. The story goes that Louis Philippe, while reviewing the militia of Eure, stopped in astonishment before the company from Gisors, exclaiming:

"Oh, who are those splendid grenadiers?"

"The grenadiers of Gisors," replied the general.

"I might have known it," murmured the king.

So Commandant . . . Read More

Community Reviews

I read them when I stays at the high school. By preparing the competitive examination for begining secialist MD, I decided to read all books of Maupassant. I hesitated with Proust but I wanted short stories. In fact it was rather fast. I read all the books in a few days, neglecting even my exams.

I read this book about ten years ago and I was reminded that I had it this morning when I was looking at another Goodreader's "shelves" as is my want.

Looking briefly through this selection of thirty short stories, the most famous of which was the "Boule de Suif", or "suet dumpling", I vividly recall

Published in 1995, 'Selected Short Stories' is a small collection of 17 short stories by the author originally published over the years 1880-1890. I had come across a small number of impressive stories by this author in the past, so this collection was a good find and the quality is just astonishing

قصص من أدب الرعب النفسي، تمحورت حول حالة الخوف الهَوَسَي من شيءٍ ما؛ مجهولٍ ما.

موباسان يرى أن الخوف ينشأ فقط مما لا نفهمه ومما لا يمكن معرفته وإدراك ماهيته، أما ما يصيبنا نتيجة الخطر الواضح فلا يعتبر خوفاً، وحول هذه الرؤية دارت جميع قصصه.

أن تبقى سجين فكرة، أو كيان، أو شعور، أو حالة .. غير بيّنة المع

What can I say about Maupassant?

I had not read any of his works previously. Well after reading this collection I concur with most reviews that he was a masterful storyteller. Despite being penned nearly 150 years ago and having undergone translation to English, all the stories resonated and many we

Man, this guy knew how to write a great story!

The best stories in this collection – Boule De Suif, Madame Tellier’s Establishment, and Mouche – are wonderful combinations of artful characterization, realistic descriptions of human pecadillos, sharp humor, liberal sexuality, and authorial cruelty. T

Towards the end of his life, de Maupassant suffered from paranoia due to a syphilis infection. Reading his stories, though, I can see how he might have become paranoid in any case. He saw people very clearly and for the most part, what he saw wasn't pretty. De Maupassant shows us small failings play

I was close to giving a 5 star rating to this superb collection, in the end choosing four stars only because there are a few stories here that are not up to the standard of the rest.

Being British myself, I can say that our nation tends to stereotype the French as being rather too preoccupied with ma

Insightful, humane, modern --these are some of the words
that strike after reading Maupassant's stories and novels.
Never mind the puritanical comments on this site.
Maupassant touches deep chords of feeling -- the chords
of a full symphony. His characters refuse to be defeated inside their hearts; his

Master storyteller Guy De Maupassant covered the full range in his short fiction, by turns as realist as Balzac, as romantic as Dumas, as naturalist as Zola, as decadent as Lorrain or as Gothic as Poe. What a powerful, versatile imagination. This collection of short stories includes three well-known

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