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One Day More

Joseph Conrad

Book Overview: 

A one-act play. Eccentric Captain Hagberd has been waiting for years for his son to come home from the sea. He has scrimped and saved, outfitting a house for Harry to inherit upon his return, which will be in only "one day more." He has also planned that Harry will marry Bessie, the repressed maiden next door.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Aside.) Oh, I can't bring it out.

Capt. H. (Agitated; flings arms up, stamps feet; stuttering). What? What d'ye mean? What's going to happen to the things?

Bessie (Soothing). Nothing! Nothing! Dust—or moth—you know. Damp, perhaps. You never let anyone into the house . . .

Capt. H. Dust! Damp! (Has a throaty, gurgling laugh.) I light the fires and dust the things myself. (Indignant.) Let anyone into the house, indeed! What would Harry say! (Walks up and down his garden hastily with tosses, jings, and jerks of his whole body.)

Bessie (With authority.) Now, then, Captain Hagberd! You know I won't put up with your tantrums. (Shakes finger at him.)

Capt. H. (Subdued, but still sulky, with his back to her). You want to see the things. That's what you're after. Well, no, not even you. Not till Harry has had his first look.

Bessie. Oh, no! I don't. (Relenting.) Not till you're willing. (Smiles at Capt.. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Despite his novels, it seems to me, Conrad lacks sense of drama. the only interesting in the play for me was the theme of it(waiting for vague tomorrow),although it was expressed too nakedly... compare it to Waiting for Godot. this might be seemed naked because of the time passage; maybe it's better

Joseph Conrad based this play on his short story "Tomorrow."
It is a poetic piece. While, in a strict sense, it is realistic, it has the tone of a dream.
The premise, in fact, anticipates WAITING FOR GODOT. Obviously, Beckett's work is stark to the core, but ONE DAY MORE features people waiting, waiti

I loved this play in one act. This paly is about a man that waits always one day more until his son comes home. He has been advertising in the paper where he lives and a reward for whoever brings his son to him. He has plans- about the wife his son will have and about where he will live, that is, wh