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Oh, Money! Money!

Eleanor H. Porter

Book Overview: 

Mr. Stanley Fulton is worth millions, but he has no one to leave his money to except some unknown distant cousins. In order to find out how they would handle a fortune, he decides to give each of them $100,000 dollars during his life, and go – incognito - to live in their midst! Who will prove worthy to inherit his millions and will his deception be discovered?

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .hat minute, and he gave out."

"And he never tried—again?"

"No. He went to Alaska then. Hasn't ever been back since. He's done well, too, they say, and I always thought he'd send back something; but he never has. There was some trouble, I believe, between him and Father Duff at the time he went to Alaska, so that explains it, probably. Anyway, he's never done anything for them. Well, when he gave out, Maggie just gave up college then, and settled down to take care of her father, though I guess she's always studied some at home; and I know that for years she didn't give up hope but that she could go some time. But I guess she has now. Poor Maggie!"

"How old is she?"

Why, let me see—forty-three, forty-four—yes, she's forty-five. She had her forty-third birthday here—I remember I gave her a handkerchief for a birthday present—when she was helping me take care of Mellicent throu. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Ez egy kicsit talán jobb volt mint a Miss Billy első része (aminek a folytatásairól inkább ne is beszéljünk…). A stílus ugyanaz, az atmoszféra, a bájosság is mind-mind hasonló. De nekem ez jobban összeállt és több mindenről is szólt az előbb említett könyvnél.

Egy milliárdos kitalálja, hogy örökös hí

I found an old copy of this book while cleaning out my parents' home. What a delightful weekend read it was. Porter takes a clever look at money and how and why people spend or don't spend it. Even though written in 1918, I found it applicable for today.

Millionaire Stanley Fulton is getting older and feeling that he should find someone to inherit his money when he dies. He has no children and he is not in touch with his distant cousins. On a whim (he is known for being eccentric) he decides to become a boarder in one of their homes under the pseudo

A thoughtful and entertaining study of what happens to people when they get an unexpected windfall. It reminded me of that 1950s program "The Millionaire" and of what has happened to lottery winners. I would like to think that I would be wise after the first week or so.

Sometimes, like when you’re on a really long plane flight, as I was recently, all you want is a well-told story. And Porter, most famous as the author of Pollyanna, knows how to tell one. Stanley Fulton is a fabulously successful businessman (it’s never clear exactly how he made his millions) whose

OH, how I thoroughly enjoyed this book with its cast of characters. This book was written 100 years ago but is as relevant today as then. I'm going read every book this author has!

Oh Money! Money! has a rather dreadful title, but is really a rather pleasant book. Stanley Fulton, an eccentric millionaire, is curious to see if his distant cousins, the middle-class Blaisdells, are worthy inheriting his money. He decides to test them by giving them each $100,000, to see how a sud

A tired, disgruntled millionaire wonders what his heirs will do with his money after he is gone. The twist ... he has never met them. Curiosity and a good bit of distrust in humanity give him the idea to fake his death and give them each a large gift. Now he can get to know them and see how they han

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