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Ivan Aleksandrovich Goncharov

Book Overview: 

Oblomov is the best known novel by Russian writer Ivan Goncharov. Oblomov is also the central character of the novel, often seen as the ultimate incarnation of the superfluous man, a symbolic character in 19th-century Russian literature. Oblomov is a young, generous nobleman who seems incapable of making important decisions or undertaking any significant actions. Spoiled as a child to the point of not even being able to put on his own socks, Oblomov is unprepared to deal with the smallest difficulty of adult life. In his fevered dreams he sees the words "Oblomovstchina" ("Oblomovism" or in this translation "the disease of Oblomovka") in flaming letters on the ceiling putting a name to the disability of which he is all too aware.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Suddenly the doorbell rang with such vehemence that both men started, and Zakhar came hurrying out of his pantry.


The next moment there entered the room a tall, loosely built man who evidently did not believe in refinement of costume, nor was in any way ashamed of the fact. This was Mikhei Andreievitch Tarantiev, a native of the same district as Oblomov. Though an individual of rough, sullen mien, and of rather an overbearing manner, he did not lack a certain keen ruggedness of wit; nor could any one be a better judge of mundane questions in general, nor a better resolver of tangled juridical problems (though usually he behaved rudely to the person who had sought his advice on these matters). Nevertheless, his abilities stopped short at a talent for verbal expos. . . Read More

Community Reviews

I know I’m not going to do Oblomov justice: this is what happens when I’m in awe. I’m much better really at slagging books off. Masterpieces leave me ‘I’m not worthy’ tongue-tied.

Oblomov is so big he’s become a word in Russian: ‘oblomovschina’. As in, the Russian dictionary. To mean ‘Godot-ism’...more

شروع استخوندار آبلوموف ایوان گنجاروف، به نیمه نرسیده از نفس میافته و «روایت ملال»، خودش ملالانگیز میشه. اونقدر که بیهیچ عذاب وجدانی، میتونی صفحه به صفحه رد کنی و جاهایی رو بخونی که خودت دوست داری. اما همین نصف اولین رمان، اونقدر کشش داره که بخوای بخونیش؛ روابط و مناسبات آبلوموف با نوکرِ خونهزادش،...more

Oblomov, by Ivan Goncharov

The novel shows the conditions in Russia before a long time. A declining nobility, harassed by energetic citizens. The characters in the novel represent the people we meet in our daily lives. Busy Stolz, lazy Oblomov, obstinate servant Sachar, false Tarantjew. The book i...more

There is a crustacean called a hermit crab that lives its entire life hiding from the world in a seashell… This is the way Ilya Ilyich Oblomov exists among other human beings…
He was a man of about thirty-two or three, of medium height and pleasant appearance, with dark grey eyes, but with a total...more

آبلوموف نوشته شده توسط ایوان گنچاروف رمانی ایست در باره کسی که هیچ کاری انجام نمی دهد ، هیچ هیچ ، حتی به زحمت از خانه بیرون می رود ، با پولی که از املاک خود می گیرد زندگی را نه به سختی و نه به راحتی ، بلکه به هیچ می گذراند . چه گونه نویسنده از چنین سوژه ای موفق به ساختن یک رمان عظیم می شود ؟؟ قسم...more

884. Oblomovka = Обломов = Oblomov, Ivan Goncharov
Oblomov is the second novel by Russian writer Ivan Goncharov, first published in 1859. Ilya Ilyich Oblomov is the central character of the novel, portrayed as the ultimate incarnation of the superfluous man, a symbolic character in 19th-century Ru...more

نمی دونم چرا حس می کنم آبلوموف بیماری جسمی داشت، یه چیزی توی مایه های نارکولپسی یا حملات خواب.
ولی همه طوری بی رحمانه بهش حمله می کردن که انگار دچار یه ضعف اخلاقی و اختیاریه.

حالا بیشتر می خونم و اگه چیزی پیدا کردم می نویسم.

راجع به کتاب صوتی
کتاب صوتی ای که گوش دادم، بر خلاف کتاب های صوتی معمول، به...more

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Öncelikle çeviri-yayınevi-çevirmen üçgeninden başlamak istiyorum. Gördüğüm kadarıyla piyasada Oblomov çevirisi konusunda başı çeken üç yayınevi var : İletişim Yayınları, İş Bankası Yayınları ve Everest Yayınları. Kitabı okumaya karar verdiğimde...more

A slow, sad poem weaving through to an end that is left revealed to the reader from the beginning. To read this book is like watching the waves on a lonely beach, you know what will happen next, but it is beautiful to just sit and watch...

But, maybe it is best to let the book describe its own mes...more

I think this might be my favorite novel, at least think this might be the most perfect novel I have ever read. Yet, I am not surprised that this novel is not as popular as other Russian classics. Its merit and preciousness lie in its subtleties. This book has no sudden outbursts of emotion, no un...more

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