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The Oakdale Affair

Edgar Rice Burroughs

Book Overview: 

The selfless, poetry-spouting, hobo character, Bridge, makes another appearance in the novel, The Oakdale Affair. Joining the poetic hobo in this gothic-like tale are many other unusual elements: dark mysterious nights, a deserted haunted farmhouse, a violent thunderstorm, the Oskalooska Kid, a nameless girl, thieves and murderers, Beppo the bear, and other surprises. The Oakdale Affair is a deep mystery.

Recommended for fans of John Grisham, James Patterson, Janet Evanovich, Scott Turow and David Baldacci.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Recollection of the screaming man sinking to the earthen floor of the hay barn haunted him. He was a murderer! He had slain a fellow man. He winced and shuddered, increasing his gait until again he almost ran —ran from the ghost pursuing him through the black night in greater terror than he felt for the flesh and blood pursuers upon his heels.

And Nature drew upon her sinister forces to add to the fear which the youth already felt. Black clouds obscured the moon blotting out the soft kindliness of the greening fields and transforming the budding branches of the trees to menacing and gloomy arms which appeared to hover with clawlike talons above the dark and forbidding road. The wind soughed with gloomy and increasing menace, a sudden light flared across the southern sky followed by the reverberation of distant thunder.

Presently a great rain drop was blown against the youth's face; the vividness of the lightning had increased; the rumbling of th. . . Read More

Community Reviews

An utterly silly and charming romp. Fans of Terry Pratchett might enjoy the nonsensical misunderstanding at every turn. Delightfully goofy and only a bit dated.

My first taste of this author’s work. Very exciting. Not too scary. A clever and completely unexpected twist at the end. Great fun!

No Mucker, but we do get an adventure with his pal Bridge, the poetry quoting hobo. And burglars, murderers and a ghost.

Technically the third volume of ERB's Mucker trilogy; however Billy Byrne, the Mucker himself, does not appear. But his sidekick, Bridge, is one of the main characters. This story begins with the daughter of the wealthiest man in Oakdale running away and her boudoir getting burgled the same night by

I'm not sure what ERB was striving for with this book. It's got gothic elements, horror elements, western type elements. He put everything AND the kitchen sink into this one. But it worked and I enjoyed it.

So who stole the jewels? Who is the ‘Oskaloosa Kid’? What has happened to the heiress? Who is this tramp? What is dragging chains about in the dark? What happened to the body? Who will save the youth from their folly?
Up until the very end I was really enjoying it. It was well plotted, delightfully

Nicely plotted - a hobo, a murder, a bear and an unexpected end. Well narrated by Ralph Snelling.

Great ERB romp which has as one of it's protagonists, Bridge, the friend of Billy Byrne, "The Mucker".
In the small town of Oakdale, Abigail Prim, the daughter of the town banker, disappears on her way to visit with a potential beau. A young boy sneaks into her bedroom and steals Abigail's jewels an

This novella almost felt like something Mark Twain might have written. Almost.
In essence, it is a comedy of mistaken identities, except that Burroughs doesn't seem to realize it's a comedy and instead writes it as a straight-forward adventure story. Even as a missed opportunity, it's clever enough t

mistaken identity. throughout. bridge in his "disreputable soft hat" from the previous "mucker" story, "the return of the mucker," has another role in this one...lots of comic moments...some thing, it, clanging a chain on the steps, outside the door, while those within consider ghosts. and the story

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