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Novel Notes

Jerome K. Jerome

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .I was always an untidy child).  An old man enters—an old, bent, withered man—holding a lamp above his head, and I look at his face, and it is my own face.  And another enters, and he also is myself.  Then more and more, till the room is thronged with faces, and the stair-way beyond, and all the silent house.  Some of the faces are old and others young, and some are fair and smile at me, and many are foul and leer at me.  And every face is my own face, but no two of them are alike.

I do not know why the sight of myself should alarm me so, but I rush from the house in terror, and the faces follow me; and I run faster and faster, but I know that I shall never leave them behind me.

* * * * *

As a rule one is the hero of one’s own dreams, but at times I have dreamt a dream entirely in the third person—a dream with the incidents of which I have had no connection whatever, except as an unseen and impotent spectator.  O. . . Read More

Community Reviews

My first encounter with this author, as a 1893 edition of this work passed into my hands one day, quite unexpectedly. It was a well loved book, a fact I surmised from the coffee cup ring on the cover. Amusing, I really had to laugh out loud at times, and oddly enough a useful item when you're trying

Greitai perskaitomas romanas, kuris labiau yra istorijų rinkinys. Tik jeigu Haufo "Karavane" visi pasakotojai yra rimti ir pagarbos vyrai, Jerome ir trys jo "bendraautoriai", kuriuos autorius pavadina Makšonesiu, Braunu ir Džefsonu) yra riboti ir dar šaiposi vieni iš kitų, Jerome dar iš savo žmonos

Some parts of this work give the impression that his most famous work, Three Men On A Boat (To Say Nothing Of The Dog), grew out of this one; that he'd, by then, given up on attempt to be taken seriously as a profound and serious author, and found his style.

This impression grows stronger, of course

The first book I've read by this author, had me laughing out loud in my grandparents' house. The author as a very distinct humor, perhaps which is easier understood by a childish mind than by a mature one.

I won't say the book is among the funniest ever written because everyone else is already saying that. But beyond the witty humor, the Jerome actually delivers some pretty thoughtful and highly observant insights on human nature, society and relationships etc.

It's not just jokes, since it can get pr

I love books that can take serious subjects and light it down with humour and wit. This one did exactly that. Almost every phrase is quotable, almost every situation is the exaggerated version of something that either you experienced or knew someone who has. And the basic premise of having a good id

seinfeld + sensibilitate.

Scriitura/umorul lui Jerome K Jerome seamana foarte bine cu tutunurile englezesti de pipa : iti trebuie ceva experienta in ale literaturii umoristice, ceva deschidere spre glumele britanice, un strop de rafinament. Nu e genul de umor facil, la care te rupi de ras si uiti in cinci secunde poanta. Nu.

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