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Nonsense Novels

Stephen Leacock

Book Overview: 

Ten silly stories by Canadian humorist Stephen Leacock.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .oney for the transfer of which he had risked his mundane existence.

The proof of his disappearance was easy to find. As soon as I dared do so with discretion I ventured upon a few inquiries. The fact that he had been engulfed while still owing four months' rent for his rooms, and that he had vanished without even having time to pay such bills as he had outstanding with local tradesmen, showed that he must have been devisualised at a moment's notice.

The awful fear that I might be held accountable for his death, prevented me from making the affair public.

Till that moment I had not realised the risks that he had incurred in our reckless dealing with the world of spirits. Annerly fell a victim to the great cause of psychic science, and the record of our experiments remains in the face of prejudice as a witness to its truth.

III. — Guido the Gimlet of Ghent: A Romance of Chivalr. . . Read More

Community Reviews

At the turn of the century, thanks in large part to Walter Scott, gothic novels were all the rage. And many of them sucked. Sucked hard. Lords, shadows, stormy nights... If you have ever had to cram 'Jane Eyre' for an English literature exam, forced yourself to endure 'Mill on the Floss' or 'Jude th

Nonsense Novels was recommend to me by my friend Jason and I'm so very glad he did. The stories within are absolutely absurd, but they are brilliant and hilarious because of it. But then again, some of the genres these stories mock are equally absurd, though they are not nearly as entertaining to re

Ever since I studied "With the Photographer" in college, I have been a fan of Leacock - an irreverent and weird wordsmith. His over-the-top comic stories are pure genius. I was in stitches while reading this, most of the time.

No, these are not in any sense of the word novels. They are stories poking excellent fun at various genres of short stories, such as Sherlock Holmes detective stories, adventures at sea, visits to the future, chivalry, the Scottish Highlands, the supernatural, and romance. Leacock reminds me somewha

Thank you, Mr. Leacock, for the light-hearted fun I had while reading your nonsense novels. I'm looking forward to reading more of your work. You are now officially one of my favourite authors!
/I read it in Hungarian translated by the equally amazing Hungarian author, Frigyes Karinthy./

this is a very funny collection of short satirical fables written by leacock in the early 20th century. i wanted to love it love it love it and sometimes i did but in the end i only just thought it was really good. some truly perfect sentences though. i would never have thought this kind of thing wa

Some of the stories in this collection were amusing, others less so. In the spoof of various types of novels, Leacock does make some points about the society of the time, especially mocking the greedy and the selfish. The only story I really enjoyed was the last one, "The Man in Asbestos", the most

Picked up as a used book. Reading one of these stories, I think I'll read more. Funny and adroit.

I changed this to five stars. The humor is so funny that I think of the stories later on and laugh again. Reminds of Monty Python fun.

Not really novels, but a collection of very silly and absurd short stories, ‘Nonsense Novels’ was highly entertaining for me. It is surprising that with an original publication date of 1911 all these tales are still so funny. His satire is equal opportunity; he manages to make fun of us all even aft

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