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Nomads of the North

James Oliver Curwood

Book Overview: 

An unlikely pair were Neewa, the black bear cub who had been orphaned at a young age, and Miki, part Mackenzie hound, part Airedale and Spitz who had become separated from his master in the frozen reaches of northern Canada. But the two befriended one another, and these nomads fended for themselves until they too became separated in an unfortunate way. While Neewa searched for his friend, Miki was taken by northern trappers who felt he could be trained to become a good fighting dog, a valuable asset in the north. What follows is Miki's attempts to flee from his captors and search for his master, and Neewa's search for his canine friend.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .d or swerved in its course, sometimes lying across it and sometimes lengthwise, and every moment with the jaws of uncertainty open wide for him. Neewa's eyes never left him for an instant. Had they been gimlets they would have bored holes. From the acuteness of this life-and-death stare one would have given Neewa credit for understanding that his own personal safety depended not so much upon his claws and his hug as upon Miki's seamanship. If Miki went overboard there would be left but one thing for him to do—and that would be to follow.

The log, being larger and heavier at one end than at the other, swept on without turning broadside, and with the swiftness and appearance of a huge torpedo. While Neewa's back was turned toward the horror of frothing water and roaring rock behind him, Miki, who was facing it, lost none of its spectacular beauty. Now and then the log shot into one of the white masses of foam and for an instant or two would utterly disap. . . Read More

Community Reviews

До видання увійшли твори «Бродяги Півночі», «Казан», «Син Казана», «Долина Мовчазних Людей».
Опис подій відбувається настільки точно, що враження неначе знаходишся у вирі подій. Чудовий опис тваринного світу в перших трьох творах.
Особливо сподобався пригодницький роман "Д.м.л."

Love it so much

As a kid, I watched the Disney movie of this book a million times. I think it's called Niki, Wild Dog of the North. I had no idea that the author of Kazan and Baree, Son of Kazan had written it. Wonderful book, wonderful story, with an ending that tied it all up in a perfect bow. Sitt

I have read a number of Mr. Curwood's books. In this effort he paints a picture so clearly that you feel that you are back to that time and place. Truely this is a great work that is on the level of Hemmingway. A treasure for those of you out there that never get tired of adventure and life.

Absolutely fabulous book! All the stories swallowed me completely. Brave and sincere animals, gorgeous nature and great talent of the author made this book amazing. BRAVO!

A tale of danger, friendship and survival. Follows a young dog and bear cub as they face the wide world together over spring, summer, autumn, and into winter.
Ages 8-99.

I am a sucker for novels like this - the adventures of mongrel pup and a grizzly cub who fall out of a canoe tied together and become life long friends. The dog, Miki, is fabulous. Tough, smart, strong. The adventures are wonderful. Several evil characters who get it in the end. Really fun.

Engrossing story of a puppy and a bear cub who both tragically lose their mothers, get adopted by a kindly hunter, get separated from him on a wild canoe ride, and end up wandering around the Northern wilderness together for many months, just trying to survive. (Beware, even though this dog and bear

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