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No Animal Food

Rupert H. Wheldon

Book Overview: 

Though little is known about its author, this is considered the first vegan cookbook ever written. At the time of its composition, the Vegetarian Society and other advocates of vegetarian diets were engaged in a debate about the inclusion of dairy and eggs in one's regime. This text declares, from the title to the footnotes, that the best diet is free from all animal products. The arguments span historical, physical, ethical, aesthetic, and economic considerations and conclude with practical advice that stands the test of time. An essential text for those interested in vegetarianism and animal rights.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Pg 36]though there may be unlimited diversity of opinion as to its nature, and the means to attain it. The truth of (b) also becomes apparent if the matter is carefully reflected upon. Everything that is en rapport with all other things: the pebble cast from the hand alters the centre of gravity in the Universe. As in the world of things and acts, so in the world of thought, from which all action springs. Nothing can happen to the part but the whole gains or suffers as a consequence. Every breeze that blows, every cry that is uttered, every thought that is born, affects through perpetual metamorphoses every part of the entire Cosmic Existence.[2]

We deduce from these postulates the following ethical precepts: a wise man will, firstly, so regulate his conduct that thereby he may experience the greatest happiness; secondly, he will endeavour to bestow happiness on others that by so doing he may receive, indirectly, being himself a part of the Cosmic Whole, the hap. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Simply:usefull information, nicely written. Highly recommend it!

Either way ahead of its time... or the more things change, the more they stay the same. Apparently, circa 1905 many British athletes turned vegan... setting records and challenging the medical establishment... like today. Other innovations? Try intermittent fasting, colonic lavages, and the raw food

I appreciate what the author was trying to do in writing this book. I applaud him too. What I do not like is his tone. It's very judgmental. I believe he is basically saying omnivores and carnivores or rather meat eating people are sinning and will be punished accordingly. He applies the use of quot

Important information everyone should know, recommended.

Definitely an interesting read. Some things I agreed with whereas others, not so much. Once I started reading though, I could not put this book down. I finished it within a few hours. It's a book that really made me think about vegetarianism in a different light.

Drink water and wait a bit before meal. Loss of appetite during sickness means you do not t0 eat. Your body will surely tell you later to eat. Never force yourself to eat. To enjoy your food, you must wait until you're hungry. Humans are eating 7 times more than we need to.

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