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New Chronicles of Rebecca

Kate Douglas Wiggin

Book Overview: 

This book tells further stories from the period of Rebecca’s sojourn in Riverboro.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .GIT out, one or t'other."

Emma Jane, who had wrung her handkerchief into a clammy ball, gave it a last despairing wrench, and faltered: "Wouldn't you like—hadn't you better—don't you think you'd ought to be more constant at meeting and Sabbath school?"

Jacob's axe almost dropped from his nerveless hand, and he regarded the Daughter of Zion with unspeakable rage and disdain. Then, the blood mounting in his face, he gathered himself together, and shouted: "You take yourself off that log and out o' this dooryard double-quick, you imperdent sanct'omus young one! You just let me ketch Bill Perkins' child trying to teach me where I shall go, at my age! Scuttle, I tell ye! And if I see your pious cantin' little mug inside my fence ag'in on sech a business I'll chase ye down the hill or set the dog on ye! SCOOT, I TELL YE!"

Emma Jane obeyed orders summarily, taking herself off the log, out the dooryard, and otherwise scuttling and sc. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Enjoyed the stories that fill in spaces in Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, but wish they were more focused on Rebecca. Would be interesting to place them where they fit into Rebecca and read them all at once.

I adored this book. It was a serendipitous meeting--right book, right time. It's a series of sweet little moments from Rebecca's life, moments that weren't included in the original book. I now want to go find everything else Wiggin ever wrote and read it all immediately.

4 stars & 4/10 hearts. I think I enjoyed this book more than book 1 because I knew what it would be like. It’s basically a bunch of short stories about Rebecca’s life during book one and a little smidgen after book one ends. It’s very funny and old-fashioned, and Rebecca has some quaint thoughts, as

Read it because the book was gifted to me by an elderly aunt who had it for decades before passing it onto me. Turned out way better than I expected. Most of the book is in the 3rd person narrative but there is one chapter in it that is told in the first person narrative. And that's when you see the

More stories of Rebecca growing up - only the last one takes place shortly after the end of "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm".

Rebecca is a bit too popular and loved and praised for my tastes (though probably not for that of pre-teen girls), but Wiggin is willing to make her occasionally ridiculous, whic

This wassnt really what I was expecting it to be. I wanted to further the story from where Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm left off. This book simply adds little additional adventures from the same timeline as the original book. It was a fun read but not nearly what I wanted it to be.

Interesting little vignettes. This felt a little bit like Montgomery's Tales from Avonlea books - more like connected short stories. I am confused as to why the book collection I have puts this book before Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, though.

The "New Chronicles of Rebecca" continues "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm" by Kate Douglas Wiggin. These two books in no way align to the Shirley Temple movie of the same name, but instead provide a series of stories about a creative child who is sent to live with rigid relatives in a small town due to

Not as charming as the actual book; these are assorted short stories about additional adventures of Rebecca's—almost like extra tales that got edited out of "Sunnybrook Farm." But...it's still Rebecca, and still Kate Douglas Wiggin, so I loved it anyway!

Re-read. Not as good as the first, but as it goes on, it grows on you. I love the story of Mr. Simpson.

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