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New Atlantis

Francis Bacon

Book Overview: 

In 1623, Francis Bacon expressed his aspirations and ideas in New Atlantis. this was his creation of an ideal land where people were kind, knowledgeable, and civic-minded. Part of this new land was his perfect college, a vision for our modern research universities. Islands he had visited may have served as models for his ideas. (Summary by Wikipedia)

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Book Excerpt: 
. . ., save that his turban was white, with a small red cross on the top. He had also a tippet of fine linen. At his coming in, he did bend to us a little, and put his arms abroad. We of our parts saluted him in a very lowly and submissive manner; as looking that from him, we should receive sentence of life, or death: he desired to speak with some few of us: whereupon six of us only staid, and the rest avoided the room. He said, "I am by office governor of this House of Strangers, and by vocation I am a Christian priest: and therefore am come to you to offer you my service, both as strangers and chiefly as Christians. Some things I may tell you, which I think you will not be unwilling to hear. The State hath given you license to stay on land, for the space of six weeks; and let it not trouble you, if your occasions ask further time, for the law in this point is not precise; and I do not doubt, but my self shall be able, to obtain for you such further time, as may be conven. . . Read More

Community Reviews

I cannot say that I liked it, for Francis Bacon's utopian vision of society is not only ridiculous but also kind of offensive. The New Atlantians, who themselves are (obviously) learned, chaste and sophisticated, consider the Chinese 'foolish', the Africans to be the 'little foul ugly Spirits of For

Like all utopias, boring as sh*t.

Plato'nun Devlet'i ile insanların zihninde uyandırdığı "ideal bir devlet, ideal bir toplum nasıl olabilir?" sorusu Al-Farabi'nin 9. yüzyılda yazdığı El-Medinetü'l Fâzıla'sında; Thomas More'un 1516 yılında yazdığı Utopia'sında, Tommaso Campanella'nın 1602 yılında yazdığı Güneş Ülkesi'nde ve Francis B

A book first published in 1627, under the title The New Atlantis, Or the Voyage to the Land of the Rosicrucians.

The story of a ship lost in the Pacific ocean, with 51 people on board, 17 sick...and the encounter of a land full of "boscage": Bensalem island, whose inhabitants are Christian too and we

This 15,000 word fragment of a utopian narrative is written in a clear, transparent style and demonstrates that Bacon could have been an important early contributor to the body of English fiction if he hadn't been too busy with other things.

In spite of its male chauvinism, I was particularly impres

Ahlak kavramına bilimden daha çok önem vermiş adam ama bilime yaklaşımı ile tanınıyor. Bilimin de hatrı sayılır önemi var ama bence onun temelinde ahlak yatıyor. Aklıma takılan başka şey de, madem bu toplum ideal, niye bir şey yasaklanıyor? Zaten ideal olduğu için yasağa gerek olmamalı.

Din kavramın

İlginçtir ki, rüşvet iddialarıyla hayatının bir dönemini geride bırakan Bacon, felsefe ve bilim ışığında mükemmele yakın (rüşvetin söz konusu dahi olmadığı) ütopyasını kurmuş.
Anlatımda yer yer dini imgelere atıfta bulunmuş ve pek tabii Hristiyanlık yüceltilmek istenmiş. İnsan ırkı, doğru karma ile

This book started out as more fun than any other Utiopa I've read. but it quickly digressed into uninspired, orthodox christian propoganda. Even the Jews in this city are Christians. Whatever. Essentially Bacon's ideal society is Christian Europe without the corruption and greed. However, he gives n

Öncelikle belirtmek gerekir ki, yazar vefat ettiği için kitap yarıda kalmış. Kitapta çoğunlukla her bilim dalının araştırıldığı "ev"ler vardır. Bu evlerin çalışma düzeni, amacı ve elde edilen bilimsel ve teknolojik başarılar ve bunlara bağlı olarak elde edilen toplumsal gelişmeler anlatılmaktadır.

This is a very short book, so it deserves a very short review. It is interesting, and probably inevitable, to compare this work with More’s Utopia. Whereas More is mostly interested in politics, economics, and culture, Bacon’s interests are primarily scientific. At least a quarter of the book consis

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