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The Mystery of the Sea

Bram Stoker

Book Overview: 

Mystery of the Sea is a novel with elements of adventure, supernatural and romance. Archie Hunter goes on a holiday to relax but finds he sees unusual things like spirits and ghosts. An old woman claims she sees them too and that they are both seers. She convinces Archie to help her solve the mystery of the sea.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Why did you groan before you went,[70] and come back humming? Who is Gormala, anyhow; and why were you glad that you didn’t see her? Why didn’t you answer me when I asked you who she was? Why did you walk along with your head up and your eyes staring, as though you were seeing visions? And why——”

All at once she stopped, and a swift blush swept over her face and even her neck. “Oh,” she said in a low tone with a note of pathos in her voice, “I beg your pardon! my unruly tongue ran away with me. I have no right to ask so many questions—and from a stranger too!” She stopped as suddenly as she had begun.

“You might have spared me that!” I said “I know I have been rude in delaying to answer your question about Gormala; but the fact is that there are so many odd things in connection with her that I was really considering whether you would think me a fool or a lunatic if I told t. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Such a weirdly inventive and charming mashup of plot threads. It's a treasure hunt, complete with modern relatives looking for their claim. It's a supernatural thriller about a young man whose powers are just awakening and his troubled bond with an old expert in supernatural ways. It's a bouncy romc

I had thought this was Stoker's longest book but, no, actually Dracula beats it ever so slightly (5-10 pages, if you count the appendices, which you probably shouldn't). I think he preferred shorter materials and he certainly, certainly preferred romance to horror and the supernatural, as evinced by

I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It simmers rather than boils and the story is one to get lost in rather than charge through.

I tried so hard to give 4 stars but seeing the ending I could not. The work would have been better without the supernatural elements. I felt like there were too many co incidents and several x machina. And in true Bram Stoker fashion, of course the Spaniard dies so conveniently(I'm looking at you Lu

Come i mostri di ferro sopiti sul fondo del mare:
“La morte ha un solo volto, qualunque sia il nome che le diamo!”

“Il mistero del mare” è un romanzo in cui il padre di Dracula è riuscito a miscelate diversi generi e tropi letterari: passiamo dal romanzo d’avventura al gotico e macabro, dalla storia d

Adventure story set on the coast of Scotland, in 1898, during the Spanish-American War. Plot revolves around a buried Spanish treasure dating back to the Spanish Armada. Some supernatural elements (Second Sight). A small amount of anti-black racist attitudes, not uncommon in 1902, when this book was

Bram Stoker is most famous his classic, Dracula. I have to say I've never read it as I've been kind of intimidated by the look of it. (Silly reason). I had previously read his Jewel of the Seven Stars, a mummy story. The Mystery of the Sea is my 2nd attempt at his work and I quite enjoyed.

The story

Adventurous and gloomy atmosphere, whole story search for the ancient treasure, the destiny that holds many surprises, deceptions, kidnappings, enigmas...Keep reading

I enjoyed that book.

I want to give this 3.5 stars but I don't have the option so I'll round it off to 4 since I enjoyed the adventurous elements, but the love story part is rather boring...
A good classic adventure by Stoker though...more

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