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My African Journey

Winston Churchill

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .D. J. Wilson.

The young Englishman, be he officer or settler in the East African Highlands, cuts a hardy figure. His clothes are few and far between: a sun hat, a brown flannel shirt with sleeves cut above the elbow and open to the chest, a pair of thin khaki knickerbockers cut short five inches—at least—above the knee, boots, and a pair of putties comprise the whole attire. Nothing else is worn. The skin, exposed to sun, thorns, and insects, becomes almost as dark as that of the natives, and so hardened that it is nothing to ride all day with bare knees on the saddle; a truly Spartan discipline from which at least the visitor may be excused.

This is the way in which they hunt lions. First find the lion, lured to a kill, driven from a reed-bed, or kicked up incontinently by the way. Once viewed he must never be lost sight of for a moment. Mounted on ponies of more or less approved fidelity, three or 26 four daring Britons or Somali. . . Read More

Community Reviews

4.5 Stars. It is great to be back with Winston. I've read so many books about him and it's a real pleasure to hear from him directly. This book covers 1907 and Winston's time in Uganda and Kenya. I learned that "Simba" means the place of lions-good trivia Q for Lion King fans. Lots of disease issues

Found this one a really tough read. Sure, place the man and his actions and this resultant travelogue in the context of the times and judge accordingly but the complete disregard of wildlife and nature is hard to stomach. Then overlay that with a generalised racial/paternalistic/colonial attitude to

Well written as most Churchill is. This book absolutely demonstrates all of the characteristics of racial prejudice and colonialism for which Churchill is being reviled today. He shows the absolute faith in British exceptionalism and entitlement that enabled the Brits to conquer and rule most of the

Reflection on Winston Churchill's "My African Journey"

An apology from the author: Being my first attempt at a book review, I ask that you forgive the lack of structure and potentially in some parts monotonous tone of my writing. I aim here to provide a brief illustration of the book to any intereste

I have read a number of books about or by Winston S Churchill - most were about his time as Prime Minister during World War II. This was the earliest aspect of his life that I have seen. A very descriptive account through a British Colonialist’s eyes (with a few statements that would make one grimac

No sólo es un fascinante viaje por África, es un viaje al pasado, donde puedes aprender la mentalidad del colonizador inglés, visitar montón de tribus africanas, conocer la flora y fauna del África Oriental, vislumbrar el futuro, ahora pasado, del África de 1908 y deslizarte por la belleza del Nilo.

Slow but interesting. It provides an authentic look into late colonial attitudes. It helps if you are familiar with the geography. Some of Churchill's statements eerily echo the attitudes of Westerners working in "development" today. Enjoyable but only if you have an interest in the region.

I was most interested in reading Churchill’s fabulous descriptions of the countryside and the insects, birds and animals he encountered. He gave beautiful descriptions of both the Uganda Railway and the Victoria and Albert Railway. His mastery of the English language along with the interesting 19th

Winston S. Churchill came to the notice of the public as a journalist and author. Here is one of his earlier works, a 1907 travel book about his journey up the Uganda Railroad-- a railroad "to but not of Uganda," since it allowed access to that territory but stopped short of it; then across Lake Vic

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