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Mushrooms on the Moor

Frank Boreham

Book Overview: 

A series of essays exhorting us with wit and humor to retain our childlike sense of wonder and delight in the world that God has made. A delightful and practical collection that teaches us to find and value the joy of life and faith.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Rugby, and made history! There are times when the landlord's gate is the high-road to glory.

The whole matter is capable of the widest application, and must be scientifically treated. Man is always finding his fowls drowned in the cellar and going the wrong way to put things right. Generally speaking, it must be confessed that he is too fond of rushing off to the landlord. In his Travels in Russia, Theophile Gautier has a striking word concerning this perilous proclivity. 'Whatever is of real use to man,' he says, 'was invented from the beginning of the world, and all the people who have come along since have worn their brains out to find something new, but have made no improvements. Change is far from being progress; it is not yet proved that steamers are better than sailing-vessels, or railways than horse traffic. For my part, I believe that men will end in returning to the old methods, which are always the best.' I do not agree with the fir. . . Read More

Community Reviews

3 or 4 stars? I liked this book, and yet it lingered on my "Currently Reading" shelf for six months. I think that was because it was on Kindle. This book of devotional essays reminded me of flannel graph lessons from my youth.

Boreham often looks at an everyday item, say onions, and extracts lessons

When I first acquired this book, I expected it to be more of a book about nature for some reason. When it wasn't, I was disappointed, and it drifted to the back pages of my Kindle. I rediscovered it recently and, accustomed to the idea that it was a book of essays, began to read it an essay at a tim

Clicked 4, but would give it 4.5 if available. I was looking for something to read before bed that got me in the right state for sleep. This is perfect.

He sees allegory everywhere. It gets you thinking in new ways about the way you move through life. It’s a gift to see the world this way. I think s

Finally finished this book after half a year of being 3/4 of the way completed. This was enjoyable. Boreham became a Baptist missionary to Australia / New Zealand after completing his studies at Spurgeon's Pastor's College. Most of his writings are observational and not theological yet they contain

Well. I do like some bits of this.

I like Boreham’s humor at times.

I like that he finds beauty and wonder in small things, like the humble onion and the pig.

I appreciated his concept of how fear can function as the beginning of wisdom in that the emotion can prevent foolishness, but that fear must b

I am rapidly falling in love with F.W. Boreham. I was led to his works in a powerful way and so I knew that, without a doubt, I needed to read his stuff and I am currently working through three of his offerings and I am enamored. He sees the natural world in such a perfect and beautiful way and he i

It's the little things. Boreham doesn't care much for the size of his analogies, whether they involve pigs, our names, or the two trees by his gate, he finds truths, fresh and encouraging, to apply to our daily lives.

His writing will remind you of Lewis, Chesterton, or McDonald. He has a certain car

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