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Mr. Wicker's Window

Carley Dawson

Book Overview: 

When twelve-year-old Chris entered Mr. Wicker’s shop to inquire about a job for his friend, something about old Mr. Wicker forced him to take the job himself. Chris found himself the pupil of Mr. Wicker, not the old man he first saw, but a powerful man in his forties–a magician. Chris learned how to turn himself into a fish, a bird, a fly, and with a magic rope he learned to make a boat or even an elephant.

Chris had been chosen to sail to China on a mysterious mission. Long before he sailed, Chris met the enemies who would try and stop him–evil Claggett Chew, the dandy Osterbridge Hawsey, the treacherous old beggar Simon Gosler. With a Nubian boy Chris brought to life with magic, he set out on his hazardous voyage.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Moses, Mr. Wicker," he ended lamely, "it seems to be pretty complicated to go into."

Mr. Wicker smiled, a wide engaging smile showing strong white teeth.

"It is," he agreed warmly, his eyes twinkling, "Is it not? Very complicated. You probably would not be able to describe to me the details of how the radio or long-distance telephone work either, would you, young man?"

Chris had to grin back when he saw that Mr. Wicker was not laughing at him, but rather at the complexity of such mechanical things.

"No, sir, I guess not. We're just glad to be able to use them, I expect."

"Ah!" said Mr. Wicker in a tone of immense satisfaction, "Quite so. You are just glad to be able to use and enjoy them. Well, then, my boy, the things I have just shown you, and[59] what I am about to show you now, are parts of knowledge which are yet to be discovered and learned, in a time beyond your own. And the ability to move within Time—within Tim. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Great Adventure book! Has magic, history, transfiguration, pirates, treasure, everything! One of 3 in series. On to second called The Sign of the Seven Seas for more pirates and magic! Third is Dragon Run with zombies on an island!

A Fantastic book written in 1950's, but such a great adventure! Sort of Harry Potter meets Treasure Island and Aladdin (yes there is wizard magic!). This is first installment of a 3 book series and each is just as exciting as the last! Very hard to find in real books, but worth the read no matter ho

This was my favorite book from elementary school days, read aloud to us by a teacher who chose wonderful books that I have cherished all my life.

This was my introduction to time travel, and to the Revolutionary War days, both of which I am still keen on! I just received this new edition with the or

Before there was Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and the rest of today's heroes, there was Chris Mason and Mr. Wicker, whose adventures were chronicled in a trilogy that this book begins. The other two are Dragon Run and The Sign of the Seven Seas, and then for some reason Dawson stopped. I devoured the

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