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Moths of the Limberlost

Gene Stratton-Porter

Book Overview: 

Although Stratton-Porter wanted to focus on nature books, it was her romantic novels that made her famous and generated the finances that allowed her to pursue her nature studies. In Moths of the Limberlost, she shares her lifelong love of the moths through a series of charming anecdotes and wonderfully descriptive passages, providing vivid detail of each stage of their life cycles.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .I wrote the following life histories. At time to appear I believe the pupa bores its way with the sharp point of the abdomen; at least I have seen Celeus, and Carolina, Regalis and Imperialis coming through the surface, abdomen tip first. Once free, they press with the feet against the wing shields, burst them away and leave the case at the thorax. Each moth I ever have seen emerge has been wet and the empty case damp inside. I have poured three large drops of pinkish liquid the consistency of thin cream from the abdominal rings of a Regalis case. Undoubtedly this liquid is ejected by the moth to enable it to break loose from and leave the case with its delicate down intact. The furry scales of its covering are so loosely set that any violent struggle with dry down would disfigure the moth.

Among Cecropia and its Attacine cousins, also Luna, Polyphemus, and all other spinners the process is practically the same, save that it is much more ela. . . Read More

Community Reviews

With contagious enthusiasm, Porter (1863-1924) documents the moths found at a swamp in Indiana. There are many personal, detailed accounts of finding and rearing various species.

I admit I skimmed over the detailed descriptions of the moths, but the stories of their life-cycles and Mrs. Stratton-Porter's working habits are well worth reading. I also enjoyed the anecdotes that she showed as the bases for scenes in "The Girl of the Limberlost".

I liked best Gene's descriptions of how she learned about the moths. Although her detailed descriptions of the moths were not my favorite, I realize that at the time there was no other way to document these - black and white photography was very challenging to perform. We are spoiled by color pictur

3/4 stars, hard to decide. this book was just entertaining. interesting, informational, ridiculously funny in a way, glad I took a gamble on it. even better if someone with a great voice reads it to you.

My daughter gave me an antique copy of this many years ago, and I loved looking at all of the images as I read Freckles and Girl of the Limberlost. It is a wonderful addition to my library, and I will always cherish it. I hope that the newer editions have the same illustrations as the original.

I obtained this as part of a reading challenge I'm involved in. The Limberlost Swamp location is only a short distance from my hometown and I have always enjoyed the authors work.

The detailed descriptions she provided are beautiful! She writes, "For a confession must be made that a perforated box i

A magnificent book. Anyone who is genuinely interested in her moths should try to locate an original hardback edition. The eBooks do not show the exquisite workmanship (photos, watercolors) of the original edition. Sadly, the first edition can be pricey and hard to come by. There are copies to be ha

This is a wonderful scientific look at the moths of the Limberlost with a descriptive writers touch. She not only describes certain moths, but gives her experience of finding them. Not to mention the author was doing things women didn't do in the 1900s.

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