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Mother Goose in Prose

L. Frank Baum

Book Overview: 

Whether Mother Goose was a real person or a myth, the songs that are attributed to her name are what we remember from our childhood. Some of these nursery rhymes are complete tales in themselves. There are others which are mere suggestions, leaving the imagination to weave in the details of the story. Many of the rhymes’ origins even at the time of this book’s writing could be traced back decades or centuries. L. Frank Baum, while living in Chicago, collected the rhymes and created short stories around them which add context and understanding for children who are drawn to the familiar melodies.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .p, saw the little boy watching it through the bars.

"Good morning, Black Sheep," said the boy; "why do you look so funny this morning?"

"They have cut off my wool," answered the sheep.

"What will they do with it, Black Sheep?" enquired the little boy.

"They will make coats of it, to keep themselves warm."

"I wish I had some wool," said the boy," for I need a new coat very badly, and mamma is so poor she cannot buy me one."

"That is too bad," replied the Black Sheep; "but I shall have more wool by and by, and then I will give you a bagful to make a new coat from."

"Will you really?" asked the boy, looking very much pleased.

"Indeed I will," answered the sheep, "for you are always kind and have a pleasant word for me. So you watch until my wool grows again, and then you shall have your share of it."

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Community Reviews

When we went to the Broadway Buzz, just prior to seeing Wicked again, I read about this book. The stories are written by L. Frank Baum, the autho of the Wizard of Oz. Baum takes the lovely Mother Goose rhymes that we all learned and/or taught our children and created full little stories about the va

very cute book that where Baum comes ip with stories to explain the common nursery rhymes that children learn.
I found it very amusing, and I'm sure that my children will awesome when they are old enough to follow along with the stories.

The story behind the story. One or two seemed pointless, a couple really stretched thin, maybe one hopelessly mundane, a depressing story here or there (face it though—what are you going to do with Humpty Dumpty?). But some very imaginative.

(One of the most confusing scan-to-text ebooks I’ve read: t

What a great book I just could not stop by reading this book and I was very excited to rate this book

reading this was more tedious than i thought

Not long ago I happened to see a documentary on TV, "The Origins of Oz", the story of L. Frank Baum, how he came to write his famous Oz books, and how events in his life influenced his writings. Realizing that I had never read any of Baum's books, and in fact my only exposure to Oz had been the clas

Baum's first published set of fantasy stories is, to be perfectly honest, pretty thin stuff. Purporting to reveal the untold tales behind the famous Mother Goose rhymes, Baum manages to - at least half the time - tell terribly literal little vignettes that any bright child could have guessed at anyw

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