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More Goops and How Not to Be Them

Gelett Burgess

Book Overview: 

Deep in the heart of every parent is the wish, the desire, to have other adults tell us, in an unsolicited way, just how very polite one’s child is! With entertaining cartoons – caricatures of misbehaving children – he described many different breaches of tact and good manners.

Burgess wrote several books of poetry on the Goops, each poem describing some significant way in which an unthoughtful or unkind child could offend polite society and often offering the hope that the listener would never behave that way. Ahem! Well, perhaps very few people have succeeded in not acting Goop-like at some point in their lives, but read along with Burgess as he attempts to define, in a humorous fashion, exactly what the differences between “Good” and “Goop” are!

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .rick (bottom)"> WHEN TO GO

When you go a-calling,

Never stay too late;

You will wear your welcome out

If you hesitate!

Just before they're tired of you,

Just before they yawn,

Before they think you are a Goop,

And wish that you were gone,

While they're laughing with you,

While they like you so,

While they want to keep you,—

That's the time to go!


Now "ain't" is a word

That is very absurd

To use for an "isn't" or "aren't."

Ask Teacher about it:

She'll say, "Do without it!"

I wish you would see if you can't!

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Community Reviews

Wished I had read this book when I was young, so I could have avoided being a Goop. Great fun, now that I am no longer one...more

I sure love the Goops, and so do my kids. I didn’t love this one as much as the first one, mostly because I felt like there more poems in it that didn’t relate to today’s day and age (ex. Stealing Rides, Borrowed Plumes, In the Street, Danger!, etc...) but there is still some great ideas and convers

More cautionary verse teaching children how to be good citizens and NOT Goops! This is the second installment in what I understand is a fairly long series of Goop books. The more I read, the more they grow on me. I especially enjoy the original illustrations.

When I was small, I had a book of children’s poems that had two stanzas of Gelett Burgess’s collection about “The Goops”—specifically, the lines about table manners: “The goops they lick their fingers. The goops they lick their knives. They spill their broth on the table cloth. They lead disgusting

A blast from the past.

Anyone else remember this author?

Yes. I want to beat these lessons into my future children.

I grew up with the GOOPS. I remember them fondly. A few years ago, my mother found them again for me. I think I was more receptive to them than my children are. I think my children are GOOPS! The horror!

Very cute and the narrator does such a fine job.