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Moon-Face and Other Stories

Jack London

Book Overview: 

The story follows the unnamed protagonist and his irrational hatred of John Claverhouse, a man with a "moon-face". The protagonist clearly states that his hatred of him is irrational, saying: "Why do we not like him? Ah, we do not know why; we know only that we do not. We have taken a dislike, that is all. And so I with John Claverhouse." The protagonist becomes obsessed with Claverhouse, hating his face, his laugh, his entire life. The protagonist observes that Claverhouse engages in illegal fishing with dynamite and hatches a scheme to kill Claverhouse.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .owning, and what little he could see of her eyes was cold and steel-gray. Oh, he knew the symptoms, he did. He was an observer, and he knew it, too, and some day, when he was big enough, he was going to be a reporter, sure. And in the meantime he studied the procession of life as it streamed up and down eighteen sky-scraper floors in his elevator car. He slid the door open for her sympathetically and watched her trip determinedly out into the street.

There was a robustness in her carriage which came of the soil rather than of the city pavement. But it was a robustness in a finer than the wonted sense, a vigorous daintiness, it might be called, which gave an impression of virility with none of the womanly left out. It told of a heredity of seekers and fighters, of people that worked stoutly with head and hand, of ghosts that reached down out of the misty past and moulded and made her to be a doer of things.

But she was a little angry, and a great deal. . . Read More

Community Reviews

This was fantastic. What the crap was Jack London thinking? I have no idea.

Excellent collection of short stories. I was very impressed with how varied they were in terms of writing style. I didn't know Jack London had so many sides to him. Some of these stories are written in his signature 'naturalism', while others are a bit more philosophical, Gothic and mysterious. Some

Read after seeing The Ballad of Buster Scruggs. All Gold Canyon is very well handled.

I was assigned Jack London in English classes when I was 12. I'm finally at the right point in my life to appreciate the style and content.

Excellent collection of stories displaying people in a range of emotions and mostly failing to master them and thus falling to their doom. The moon face story had an interesting end the means of which was coldly logical although I despised the narrator's naked hatred. Only 2 of the 8 stories have a

The five stars are for the title story alone since I have not read the others but I have to note it here as perhaps the most perfected and grim account of human malice in Western literature, an extrapolation of what most people feel at fleeting moments taken to extreme and murderous ends.

It is stori

This book is a series of short stories that are all interesting to listen to but it was the narration that stole the show. The character voices were fantastic with each one a match for the description of the character. The overall delivery was enjoyable and well paced.

The stories are of various leng

Narrated in London’s inimitable style, Moon-Face and Other Stories offers a collection of deeply insightful stories, including other famous works such as ‘The Leopard-Man’sStory’, ‘The Minions of Midas’ and ‘Planchette’, that consolidated Jack's position as one of the foremost short-story writer of

I normally don't like Jack London's work, but currently we are studying Naturalism in my AP English class. I enjoyed this short story with passion. It is beautifully gruesome and I am sure to read it again.

The master of the short story. I've been hooked on Jack since I read "To Build a Fire" in 4th grade. The title story is a heart-breaker to read. How could any one person be so kind in the face of another who is so mean?

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