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Mont Oriol

Guy de Maupassant

Book Overview: 

Young bride Christiane arrives in Auvergne to "take the waters" with her husband, described as "a sickly flower, or a sucking pig with its hair shaved off." But rather than the relaxing family vacation she expects, she finds herself the center of a conspiracy between her father, the Marquis, and the "fossil" medical team in an effort to solve the problem of a lack of heir. Suddenly the discovery of a new spa throws the resort into disarray and brings a lowly family to prominence. Romantic intrigue, financial speculation, satire in the medical profession, a social commentary on the status of women, are all delivered in de Maupassant's picturesque prose.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .I been taking them ten days, and as yet I experience no effect from them!"

M. and Madame Chaufour protested in the name of their child, who was beginning to move the right leg, a thing that had not happened during the six years they had been nursing him.

Riquier replied: "That proves, by Jove, that we have not the same ailment; it doesn't prove that the Enval water cures affections of the stomach." He seemed in a rage, exasperated by this fresh, useless experiment.

But M. Monecu also spoke in the name of his daughter, declaring that for the last eight days she was beginning to be able to retain food without being obliged to go out at every meal. And his big daughter blushed, with her nose in her plate. The ladies Paille likewise thought they had improved.

Then Riquier was vexed, and abruptly turning toward the two women said:

"Your stomachs are affected, Mesdames."

They replied together: "Why, yes, Monsieur. We can d. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Գիրքը ի սկզբանե շատ չգրավեց ինձ, բայց եթե այլ ժամանակաշրջանում կարդայի, կարող էի շատ սիրել։ Համենայնդեպս, հիմա չեմ կարող ասել, որ տպավորված եմ։
«Ձիթենու այգին» կարդալուց հետո սպասում էի, որ այս գիրքը ուժեղ ներգործություն կունենա ինձ վրա։

Dar vienas trumpasis Mopasano romanas. Dar vienas bandymas pasmerkti donžuanišką asmenybę (prisiminkime iki tol parašytus kur kas didesnės apimties „Mielą draugą“ ar „Vieno gyvenimo įstoriją“). Vėl liūdnoka jaunos moters meilės istorija, bet akivaizdus autoriaus posūkis į psichologinį romaną.

“Монт-Ориол” (1887) е третият роман на Ги дьо Мопасан. Беше издаден на български тази, 2020 година, от “ЖАР Жанет Аргирова” в прекрасния превод на Майа Илиева.

Мопасан е известен като може би най-големия майстор на разказа, заедно с Чехов.
От него се учат Съмърсет Моъм, О’Хенри и други. Романите му

Για να κατανοήσει κάποιος τα έργα του πρέπει να διαβάσει λίγο την ζωή του. Αγαπούσε πολύ τις γυναίκες και αυτό φαίνεται στα βιβλία του. Τωρα το Ορος Οριολ περιγράφει την ζωή κάποιων ανθρώπων στην περιοχή της Ωβερνης. Στις σελιδες του μας μεταφέρει σε μια εποχή που ο γάμος ηταν μια λυση για κοινωνική

2.5 stars. This is my least favorite work by Maupassant so far. The novel presents a love story set against the founding of a hot spring that results in the creation of a healing spa sanatorium of dubious medical benefit. Maupassant suggests that romantic love, like the miraculous “healing” spring o

I’ve been a fan of Maupassant for years. He’s a legend with short stories but he’s also a master with novels. Mont-Oriol was life changing for me. It goes very deep into the mind and values of people.

Mont - Oriol
Maupassant (1850 – 1893)
This story is situated in Auvergne, in Enval, a small town in France surrounded by many ancient extinct volcanos not far from Puy de Dome.
Maupassant has found his humoristic style, describing a ‘gold rush’ like in California, but here it is a rush for new thermal

Before I start this review, I just want to warn you that this review will be a long one. This book touched me deeply and it remains one of my favourites. Why is that so, I will try to explain in this review. One of the reasons is certainly Guy de Maupassant himself. I'm assuming that a lot of litera

Guys, this book. I know it's supposed to be realistic and naturalistic satire on the 19th century society (in this case, the spa towns) but as the romantic soul that I am, I would have enjoyed the book even if it were just about the romance going on between Christiane and her lover.

The first thing b

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