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The Monster Men

Edgar Rice Burroughs

Book Overview: 

Dr. Arthur Maxon has a dream: to create an artificial human being! His first twelve experiments have resulted only in grotesque, subhuman monsters. But Number Thirteen is perfect, and will make an ideal mate for Virginia, Dr. Maxon’s only daughter. But his monstrous plan goes awry when it is disrupted by pirates and Maxon’s duplicitous assistant, Carl von Horn.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .He saw before him a great walled enclosure roofed by a lofty azure dome, and beyond the walls the tops of green trees swaying gently in the soft breezes. His nostrils tasted the incense of fresh earth and growing things. For the first time he felt the breath of Nature, free and unconfined, upon his brow.

He drew his giant frame to its full height and drank in the freedom and the sweetness of it all, filling his great lungs to their fullest; and with the first taste he learned to hate the close and stuffy confines of his prison.

His virgin mind was filled with wonder at the wealth of new impressions which surged to his brain through every sense. He longed for more, and the open gateway of the campong was a scarce needed invitation to pass to the wide world beyond. With the free and easy tread of utter unconsciousness of self, he passed across the enclosure and stepped out into the clearing which lay between the palisade and the jungle.

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Community Reviews

An exciting adventure by Tarzan author Edgar Rice Burroughs. A mad scientist creating monsters. A chase in a jungle. Headhunters--and orang utans. One of my favorites of all ERB's books. Read it back in elementary school and find I still enjoy it today!

1913 was a busy year for Edgar Rice Burroughs: he wrote seven novels. Of those, At the Earth’s Core and The Warlord of Mars are masterpieces. Unfortunately, The Monster Men is not on par with those.

The outset is very promising. It’s essentially Frankenstein on The Island of Dr. Moreau. However, unl

A great adventure told in traditional English prose. With daring deeds, violence and some romance it is a good read.

Review of The Monster Men by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Fans of Edgar Rice Burroughs are both legion and loyal, as evidenced by the long lasting popularity of his characters. Tarzan of course is his most famous character, and John Carter of Mars (and Virginia) was the main character of a recent poorly mark

A more exciting and adventurous ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU

Reviewed in the United States

Despite the sci fi/horror setup with its echoes of Frankenstein and The Island Of Doctor Moreau this is above all else a very good adventure story. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Great pulp fun from the master. Picture Frankenstein mixed with Tarzan...that is the bizarre concoction that is THE MONSTER MEN. The best thing about reading this over most of ERB novels is that you only need to read one and not feel committed to a series. Those who know Tarzan and his Mars series a

This book was absolutely over the top crazy Burroughs. It kind of wanders all over the place "but hey!, it has monsters, pirates, girls in distress, scheming bad people and mad scientists. Not my fav Burroughs by far but a fun read. Might appeal to those who read enough Burroughs to get into stuff l

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