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Monsieur Lecoq, Vol. 2: The Honor of the Name

Émile Gaboriau

Book Overview: 

Monsieur Lecoq is a captivating mystery, historical and love story:
Around 11 o'clock, on the evening of Shrove Sunday 18.., close to the old Barrière d'Italie, frightful cries, coming from Mother Chupin's drinking-shop, are heard by a party of detectives led by Inspector Gévrol.

The squad runs up to it. A triple murder has just been committed. The murderer is caught on the premises.

Despite Gévrol's opinion that four scoundrels encountered each other in this vile den, that they began to quarrel, that one of them had a revolver and killed the others, Lecoq, a young police agent, suspects a great mystery.

In this second book (out of two) we go back in time to that dark period of French history. Little by little, the key to the mystery murder is unveiled.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .She trembled, let go her hold on Martial's arm, and said, very earnestly:

"Ah, no matter. I wish very much to know what is going on up there. If I ask my father, he will laugh at my curiosity, while you, Monsieur, if you are present at the conference, you will tell me all."

A wish thus expressed was a command. The marquis bowed and obeyed.

"She dismisses me," he said to himself as he ascended the staircase, "nothing could be more evident; and that without much ceremony. Why the devil does she wish to get rid of me?"

Why? Because a single peal of the bell announced a visitor for Mlle. Blanche; because she was expecting a visit from her friend; and because she wished at any cost to prevent a meeting between Martial and Marie-Anne.

She did not love him, and yet an agony of jealousy was torturing her. Such was her nature.

Her presentiments were realized. It was, indeed, Mlle. Lacheneur who was awaiting her in. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Sherlockians will find similarities between these two novels ( Monsieur Lecoq and The Honor of the Name) and A Study in Scarlet. They will also recognize this as the particular case of Lecoq which Holmes complains about; he supposedly 'could have solved it in 24 hours'. This is also the book which c

Livre audio – Lu par Loïc Richard : 17h09

Suite directe du tome 1 de Monsieur Lecoq, je conseille d’écouter ce volume peu après le premier, sous peine d’être perdu par le retour en arrière (les 3/4 du livre) et d’avoir perdu le fil de l’intrigue !

Pendant un long moment je n’ai pas compris en quoi c

Phần 2 của Monsieur Lecoq, chủ yếu phần tiền truyện về mối hận thù giữa hai nhà d'Escorval và Sairmeuse. Nhìn chung là khá lôi cuốn, đầy twist, mỗi tội một số đoạn hơi drama quá, đúng kiểu các tác phẩm cổ điển hồi xưa. 4⭐️

Really enjoyed this book.

One of those stories that gets better with each page, constantly making me wonder “how is all this going to end?

Interesting from a historical fiction view-- kind of fun to google napoleon and French history of royalists vs revolutionaries, etc. France has quite a history-- came close to ruling most of Europe at one point, monarchies came into power, then out, then in... this story is rather over the top somet

And here is all the epic backstory of Monsieur Lecoq. As usual, the second book of Gaboriau's is stronger, because you watch the lines being gathered in. There is so much history and hatred that nothing is truly resolved until the last bit. Lots of Restoration antics and outcries and worry woven in

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