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Monsieur Lecoq, Vol. 1: The Inquiry

Émile Gaboriau

Book Overview: 

Monsieur Lecoq is a captivating mystery, historical and love story :

Around 11 o'clock, on the evening of Shrove Sunday 18.., close to the old Barrière d'Italie, frightful cries, coming from Mother Chupin's drinking-shop, are heard by a party of detectives led by Inspector Gévrol. The squad runs up to it. A triple murder has just been committed. The murderer is caught on the premises.

Despite Gévrol's opinion that four scoundrels encountered each other in this vile den, that they began to quarrel, that one of them had a revolver and killed the others, Lecoq, a young police agent, suspects a great mystery.

He will lead his investigation until he gets to the bottom of it. The story takes us in the dark times of France after the Revolution and in the Terror, and finds its roots in a story of love and power.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .make any note of the attitude in which they found the body, since the unfortunate man, who was still alive when the police entered the cabin, had been moved before he expired.

"Approach, sergeant," ordered the commissary, "and look carefully at this man."

It was with very evident repugnance that the old soldier obeyed.

"What is the uniform that he wears?"

"It is the uniform of the 2d battalion of the 53d regiment of the line."

"Do you recognize him?"

"Not at all."

"Are you sure that he does not belong to your regiment?"

"I can not say for certain: there are some conscripts at the Depot whom I have never seen. But I am ready to swear that he had never formed part of the 2d battalion—which, by the way, is mine, and in which I am sergeant-major."

Lecoq, who had hitherto remained in the background, now stepped forward. "It might be as well," he suggested, "to note the nu. . . Read More

Community Reviews

This book is intriguing to me for the influence this classical detective hero would have on the later formation of Sherlock Holmes as created by Arthur Conan Doyle, and because we know Gaboriau read and enjoyed Poe’s tales with his logical detective Dupin. Although this is the fifth novel that Gabor

Published in 1869, Monsieur Lecoq predates A Study in Scarlet by 18 years and is acknowledged as an influence on Arthur Conan Doyle specifically, but also on the development of detective fiction in general. This entertaining novel has two parts. The first begins with a crime and follows the Parisian

Anyone who is a fan of Sherlock Holmes would probably enjoy this. Acknowledged by A. C. Doyle as a predecessor to Sherlock by Sherlock himself in A Study in Scarlet, Sherlock probably says it best when he calls Monseiur LeCoq a bumbler. Brilliant, but a bumbler.

Let's start at the beginning - of de

Written in 1867. 2.5 stars, as I found the story slowed incredibly in the middle and plodded toward a frustrating end. Emile Gaboriau was a pioneer of the detective novel and the first novelist in France to write in this new genre. He died at age 36 yet was influential in moving the genre forward. L

Gaboriau mi-a oferit un deliciu literar prin această carte polițistă și, mai bine de jumătate, romantică. Stăteam și mă gândeam, după finalizarea lecturii, la următorul lucru: dacă aș fi citit, mai întâi cea de-a doua parte („Onoarea numelui”), urmată de prima („Ancheta”) și terminând cu epilogul („

This 1868 book in English is available from Amazon for 60 cents. Conan Doyle stated he had been inspired or influenced by this early detective narration.
It is fun to read if you have the time and patience for its slow rolling out of every thought and action of policeman Lecoq who desires promotion

This was so much more than I anticipated. It opens with the police patrolling at midnight in one of the most dangerous neigborhoods in Paris. A shriek draws them to a small drinking den where a triple murder has occured. Two men have been shot and the third had his head bashed in. Before the latter

Monsieur Lecoq tells the story of murder done in a Paris backstreet barroom. Lecoq's police patrol,
led by Inspector Gevrol, is on their nightly rounds when they hear cries coming from a local bar. Upon investigation, they find two men dead and one dying with their apparent murderer standing with th

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