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Miracles of Our Lord

George MacDonald

Book Overview: 

Actions, it is often said, speak louder than words. But in the life of Christ - as George MacDonald shows - both spoke with an equal volume. Much attention is often devoted to what Jesus said while He was on earth, but many in our modern age are puzzled by the miracles. What are we to make of them? MacDonald - wise and gentle as ever - invites us into the miracles as a doorway into the inner life of Christ that we may intimately know Him and His Father.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .I come now to the case of the man who had been paralysed for eight-and-thirty years. There is great pathos in the story. For many, at least, of these years, the man had haunted the borders of legendary magic, for I regard the statement about the angel troubling the pool as only the expression of a current superstition. Oh, how different from the healing of our Lord! What he had to bestow was free to all. The cure of no man by his hand weakened that hand for the cure of the rest. None were poorer that one was made rich. But this legend of the troubling of the pool fostered the evil passion of emulation, and that in a most selfish kind. Nowhere in the divine arrangements is my gain another's loss. If it be said that this was the mode in which God determined which was to be healed, I answer that the effort necessary was contrary to all we admire most in humanity. According to this rule, Sir Philip Sidney ought to have drunk the water which he handed to the soldier instead. D. . . Read More

Community Reviews

I have never been one for much theological study, but George MacDonald sums up what I believe to be the nature of God: he loves us, even as he punishes us, until we are all good enough for oneness with him, and love as he does.

My husband and I love reading George MacDonald to each other, and often do so at night before falling asleep. This was an unexpected gem of our late-night readings, a series of sermons on Jesus' various miracles. I love MacDonald's imagination, how he notices the pauses and phrases in scripture that

This work shows how the recorded miracles of Jesus are designed to reveal Him to us in a way that will deepen our relationship with Him. George MacDonald does a great job of drawing out and showing this in a very down to earth and conversational way. I listened to the audio version of this work from

This is the first book that I've read from MacDonald. Based on C.S. Lewis' approving comments, I have to admit that I expected more. I'm sure that probably says more about me than it does about the book. But although I don't share Lewis' opinion of the author, I can definitely see how Lewis' writing

This was difficult to read because of its age, but I loved the content and the way it was organized. We used it for a Sunday School lesson and found it quite useful

Loved this book..was so hard to put it down...highly recommend it

This is *not* your typical work on miracles. Far from being a pat exposition of the gospels, MacDonald uses the Biblical accounts of miracles as a starting point for intense reflection of God's benevolence and the challenge of salvation (an almost Kierkegaardian challenge, for MacDonald).

MacDonald d

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