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Mince Pie

Christopher Morley

Book Overview: 

Mince Pie is a compilation of humorous sketches, poetry, and essays written by Christopher Morley. Morley sets the tone in the preface: "If one asks what excuse there can be for prolonging the existence of these trifles, my answer is that there is no excuse. But a copy on the bedside shelf may possibly pave the way to easy slumber.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .veness of one does no foul to the reticence of another. Talk in twos may, alas! fall into speaker and listener: talk in threes rarely does so.

It is little realized how slowly, how painfully, we approach the expression of truth. We are so variable, so anxious to be polite, and alternately swayed by caution or anger. Our mind oscillates like a pendulum: it takes some time for it to come to rest. And then, the proper allowance and correction has to be made for our individual vibrations that prevent accuracy. Even the compass needle doesn't point the true north, but only the magnetic north. Similarly our minds at best can but indicate magnetic truth, and are distorted by many things that act as iron filings do on the compass. The necessity of holding one's job: what an iron filing that is on the compass card of a man's brain!

We are all afraid of truth: we keep a battalion of our pet prejudices and precautions ready to throw into the argument as shock troop. . . Read More

Community Reviews

As usual, Christopher Morley's sense of humor flows through this book of essays. Although some of the references are out of date and might be obscure to younger readers, the book is still a fun read.

Having been a longtime fan of Morley's, I wouldn't suggest that this is among his best books, but it'

The articles are all good, but it's important to pick the right mood for each one. That being said, it's a bit like riffling through old newspapers of the past. (As in the 19-teens.) You've gotta be hip to it.

These are humorous essays published a hundred years ago, and as such, some of the humor is lost for the 21st century reader. Some of it is still funny today, and some is probably differently funny now from when it was written. Before you read, bear in mind that these essays were a product of their t

A series of essays on various topics -- some good, and a few sort of dry -- but no matter what he discusses, it's interesting. He can write pages and pages about such a mundane subject as a door! Actually, he is well worth reading -- getting a different perspective on what he writes about just adds