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Michael O'Halloran

Gene Stratton-Porter

Book Overview: 

The story of a plucky, optimistic newsboy, Michael O’Halloran, who has been orphaned from a young age and asks nothing of the world but to “Be Square!” This is a warm and joyous story of how Michael makes life sunnier for those around him, bringing joy to all who know him.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .She had me call a taxi to take her to her hotel. I set down her name she gave me, and her house and street number. I cut to a Newsies' directory and got the name of the owner of the palace-place and it was Mrs. James Minturn. Next morning coming down on the cars I was hunting headliners to make up a new call, like I always do, and there I saw in big type, 'Mr. and Mrs. James Minturn prostrate over the sudden death of their lovely little daughter from poisoning, from an ice she ate.' I read it every word. Even what the doctors said, and how investigation of the source of the ice came from was to be made. What do you think of it?"

"I have no doubt but it's every word horrible truth," answered Douglas.

"Sure!" said Mickey. "I just hiked to the park and walked up to the cop and showed him the paper, and he looked awful glum. I can point him out to you, and give you the lady's address, and there were plenty more who saw parts of it c. . . Read More

Community Reviews

"Come on, be square!"

The opening line of this novel, wherein Michael O'Halloran urges his competitor to be fair and square in their business, is a grabber. The story remains interesting and nigh on a century after its release, it still compels. One of my all-time favorites.

This book ranks as one of the best written by Gene Stratton-Porter. With an unlikely hero in Mickey, an orphaned newspaper boy in a large midwestern city, "Michael O'Halloran" tells a delightful tale of home, family, values, the far-reaching effect of small good deeds, abnd the healing power of natu

This is my favorite Stratton-Porter book of all time. I will never forget it. Something in my heart shifted because of the characters in this story and changed me forever. I don't say that about books very often, unless it's the Bible.

Story of a spunky 10y/o orphan boy named Michael. It starts with Michael living alone, hiding from the Children's home, working as a newsboy, and following the rules his Mother gave him before she died. He is quite precocious and meets several interesting people in his day to day activities. Eventua

I LOVE Gene Stratton-Porter and contrary to everyone who thinks Freckles is her shining masterpiece, I think Michael O'Hallaran outshines them all. There is a reason that she was making this book into a movie when she had her accident and died. She must have loved this book since she was working tir

I had a real love-hate relationship with this book. I love GSP, even when she pushes the boundaries of sentimentality and preachy morals to their very edge, but there were a few adult characters in this book that were simply insufferable. Luckily, the children more than made up for it - they were wh

OH. MY. GOODNESS. This is one of the best books ever! My only complaint is that Porter's writing style is a little too wordy for me. Not that she uses a big words, but she just uses A LOT of words, with some unnecessary description. Other than that, I ADORED this book!

Michael (aka "Micky") is just t

This has quickly become my favorite Gene Stratton-Porter book! Oh how wonderful and pure and wholesome this book is!! You "Laddie" loving friends (all 27 of you on my friends list that have read Laddie) simply must read this!! It's available on Librovox FYI.

A charmed story about a young boy and his optimistic, influential life in saving and helping so many others as he lands new family and friends. The boy could do no wrong. His life was tough but he was tougher. Like all Porters books, this one was tender, positive and too good to be true.

Reading with Hailey 3/18/05. I have really enjoyed Gene Stratton-Porter's other books so I am excited about this one. After reading just the 1st chapter I can see that her writing style is different in this book.

On page 428 and I find myself reading this book slowly savoring it. It is now my favorit

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