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The Melting of Molly

Maria Thompson Daviess

Book Overview: 

Meet Molly: a quirky, spirited twenty-five-year old, widowed for 6 years, living in picturesque Hillsboro with her aunt amidst gossipy neighbors, on a strict diet, and in serious boy trouble. There’s Arthur, her childhood sweetheart; then, there’s the enigmatic, charming Judge Wade; and of course, there’s her cousin Tom; and then, her infuriating neighbor, John Moore… But who will melt her heart?

It is Arthur’s return, and his seemingly simple request of wanting to see her in the same blue dress she wore when he left, that throws everything into turmoil…

Sometimes, one can only find some solace in one’s garden.

Narrated in a refreshingly modern and playful style by none other than Molly herself, this book is the British magazine version; there’s a significantly different American novel version.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . . out of rose-leaves and star-dust and the harmony of the winds, but we need a steel-chain netting to fend us. Slowly I unbuttoned that black dress that symbolized the ending of six years of the blackness of a married life, from which I had been powerless to fend myself, and the rosy dimpling thing in snowy lingerie with tags of blue ribbon that stood in front of my mirror was as new-born as any other hour-old similar bundle of linen and lace in Hillsboro, Tennessee. Fortunately, an old, year-before-last, white lawn dress could be pulled from the top shelf of the closet in a hurry, and the Molly that came out of that room was ready for life—and a lot of it quick and fast.


And again, fortunately, Aunt Adeline had retired with a violent headache and black Judy was carrying her in a hot water-bottle with a broad grin on her face. Judy sees the world from the kitchen window and understands everything. She had laid a large thick letter on the ha. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Such a fun story and a delightful ending! Two other pleasant short stories were in the back of the book and were also very enjoyable.

Sweet and relatively short. Molly is a 25-year-old widow. When she was a teenager, she was in love with Alfred, who left to pursue a career. In his absence, her friends and relatives push her into marrying Mr. Carter, an older man with little personality. Some time after his death she receives a let

I can just say Maria Thompson Daviess perfected the art of writing chick lit in the 20th century itself

I have read and re-read this book so many times. Published in the early 1900s, it is a fresh, sweet and funny story of widowed Molly and her hopes for romance.

Molly was married off as a slip of a girl. Her much older husband has died and Aunt Adeline, a widow and happy to be one, has planted herself

This was a best seller in 1912 and, though much of it is a bit dated by today's standards, it is still a beautifully told story and Molly is an engaging protagonist with just enough quirks and depth and heart to make you feel you'd really like to meet her beyond the pages and know what she would do

The sweet little story of a young widow desperate for…she doesn’t know what. Perhaps it’s a husband, a bit of scandal, or maybe just a new dress... but whatever it is she will be skinny when it comes…
Of course, being that sort of sweet little story, you know long before she does just exactly what

My Grandmother had this book. It is a delightful old fashioned love story -- the kind that makes you just sigh!!!!! I gave a copy to my daughter for her 16th birthday. Another generation can enjoy this great read.

This is a very cute story about a young widow woman who, on finding that her girlhood love is coming to town, quickly tries to lose thirty pounds so she can fit into the dress she wore when he left.

Meanwhile, the doctor's little boy gets more and more attached to her and her feelings become confused

I loved this little book! It is written in a journal style, with Molly writing about her life in the little book her doctor friend gave her to keep track of her weight loss. Damn near every sentence in this book is ridiculously charming, I found myself re-reading quite a bit as I went through, just

This book has two editions so I must add I read the American version not the edited British one.
Molly is a refreshing heroine even for today. She is 5'3 and 160 pounds. Poor Molly gained weight after her husband dies and when her old boyfriend writes her that he is coming to town she wants to lose

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