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The Mayor's Wife

Anna Katharine Green

Book Overview: 

Miss Saunders is out for an adventure. One, which is full of secrets, hints, and half-lies. One, which will require all of her wits. She is to be the companion to the Mayor's wife. The Lady is unhappy, and the reason for her grave unhappiness is more serious than you think.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Her answer was calm enough. "Not yet, but the place must have been desolate enough for one. I have sometimes tried to imagine the scene surrounding that broken-down old man. There was no furniture in the room, save what was indispensable to his bare comfort. Miss Thankful expressly said there was no carpet,—you will presently see why. Even the windows had no other protection than the bare shutters. But he was in his old home, and seemed content till Miss Charity fell sick, and they had to call in a nurse to assist Miss Thankful, who by this time had a dozen lodgers to look after. Then he grew very restless. Miss Thankful said he seemed to be afraid of this nurse, and always had a fever after having been left alone with her; but he gave no reason for his fears, and she herself was too straitened in means and in too much trouble otherwise to be affected by such mere whims, and went on doing her best, sitting with him whenever the opportunity offered, and making every . . . Read More

Community Reviews

Up until the last few chapters I was prepared to give this book four stars. Unfortunately, I didn't care much for the plot resolution, myself. It is a good read nonetheless. Additionally, AKG's influence on Agatha Christie's style is quite apparent, which I found to be a special treat!

Woman assigned to care for mayors wife. Two odd old ladies next door. House haunted. Turns out mayors wife had married their nephew when she was sixteen and run away. Too unrealistic.

I recently bought this book and could not put it down. The narrator is hired by the mayor of her town to become a companion to his wife, who has recently become haunted by some great fear. He asks that she attempt also to discover what is troubling his wife so he can mend it, if possible. Usually I

Miss Saunders is offered the position of companion to Mrs Olympia Packard, the mayor's wife as he will be travelling for the next few weeks. It seems that someone or something has disturbed the mind of Mrs Packard and it is hoped Miss Saunders will determine the cause.
An entertaining mystery

I have to really enjoy a book to give it 5 stars. I didn't just enjoy this. I loved it! So many mysteries (while good) have murder, a detective, & sometimes someone who is not a detective but wants to act like one but not this story. Even though I couldn't understand how the cipher worked (it was ex

Un giallo non scontato, sembra un horror, e invece...more

A typical Gothic mystery, complete with companion hired to stay with nervous wife in her husband's absence, all in a mysterious old house. It can't quite be called romantic suspense, but leans that way. For the most part the voice and style of this novel are very reader-friendly. I listened to an au

Missing money, strange old neighbor ladies, servants and politics, and secret ccodes. Not my favorite of Anna Katherine Green, but not too bad.

I never expected that a novel written in 1907 could be a page-turner, but this was!

The Mayor is running for Governor and his wife is troubled about something but he doesn't know what. He hires a companion for her, and asks the companion to help him get to the bottom of it...and the answer is a twis

Miss Saunders, a discreet domestic spy of some kind, is hired by Mayor Packard to look after his unaccountably abstracted wife whilst he goes out of town for a fortnight.

The house the couple have been renting during the mayor's election push is reputed to be haunted. Its past contains the story of

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