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Max Carrados

Ernest Bramah

Book Overview: 

Max Carrados is a blind detective who has developed his own remaining senses to a superior level and who has enlisted the superior observations skills of his butler to fill in for any deficiency of his own. His visual deficiency is no obstacle to solving the most difficult cases. As with some better known sleuths, Mr. Carrados' feats amaze, entertain and satisfy.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Drishna, dropping his affectation of unconcern as though electrified by the word, “do you mean—really blind—that you do not see me?”

“Alas, no,” admitted Carrados.

The Indian withdrew his right hand from his coat pocket and with a tragic gesture flung a heavy revolver down on the table between them.

“I have had you covered all the time, Mr Carrados, and if I had wished to go and you or your friend had raised a hand to stop me, it would have been at the peril of your lives,” he said, in a voice of melancholy triumph. “But what is the use of defying fate, and who successfully evades his destiny? A month ago I went to see one of our people who reads the future and sought to know the course of certain events. ‘You need fear no human eye,’ was the message given to me. Then she added: ‘But when the sightless sees the unseen, make your peace with Yama.’ And I thought she spoke o. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Imagine Sherlock Holmes with a better sense of humor, an addiction to rare coin collecting instead of cocaine, a smarmy PI as his Watson, and his own answer to Lord Peter Wimsey's Mervyn Bunter. Also, imagine him blind, but with every other sense sharpened. Now you have Max Carrados.

I first ran into

Max Carrados is one of the Edwardian detectives in the short story collection. I found him interesting. He is blind from an accident, but has trained all his other senses to make up for being unable to see. He also has an assistant who "sees" for him and has trained himself to make note of things hi

A casual dive into classic detective literature has turned into an interesting journey. While this is not one of the best examples of the genre, it has a different take and would probably still make for a decent procedural series on TV.

“The thing is very simple.” “They always are—when you know.”

Century old tales of a blind detective. Well done but dated. Compares favorably with later detective novels.

“In order to have an accurate knowledge of what a man will do on any occasion it is only necessary to study a single characteristic

This volume collects the first eight adventures of Ernest Bramah's titular blind detective and jolly entertaining they are too.

The stories collected are:

1. The Coin of Dionysus
2. The Knight’s Cross Signal Problem
3. The Tragedy at Brookbend Cottage
4. The Clever Mrs. Straithwaite
5. The Last Exploit of

Max Carrados is Sherlock Holmes-lite. Like Holmes, he has his amanuensis - the private detective, Carlyle. Like Holmes, Carrados deals in deduction, a necessary technique for a blind man. Often his ability out-Sherlocks his predecessor: a man wearing a false moustache is detected because Carrados ca

A Serious Competitor with Holmes?

At the time when Ernest Bramah’s stories about the blind detective Max Carrados appeared in the renowned “Strand Magazine” alongside those about the famous inhabitant of 221B Baker Street, Carrados’s adventures sometimes indeed outsold those of the world’s most well-

3.5 stars. Entertaining, well-written Edwardian-era detective short stories. The main characters aren't too deeply developed, and occasionally a story ends abruptly enough to leave you wondering what became of some of the participants after all, but if you enjoy this style of classic mystery they're

This book contains 3 of the same stories as another book I read "4 Max Carrados Stories". This book has 8 stories total.

The stories didn't really engage me. One tale, about a girl who got a strange letter and hasn't seen her father in years, starts out interesting, but then it just seems to be real

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