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Master and Man

Leo Tolstoy

Book Overview: 

A land owner, Vasili Andreevich, takes along one of his peasants, Nikita, for a short journey to another town. He wishes to get to the town quickly ‘for business’. They find themselves in the middle of a blizzard, but the master in his avarice wishes to press on. They eventually get lost off the road and they try to camp. The master’s peasant soon finds himself about to die from hypothermia. The master leaves him on the horse to stubbornly try to find the road. When he returns, he attains a spiritual/moral revelation, and Tolstoy once again repeats one of his famous themes: that the only true happiness in life is found by living for others.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Vasili Andreevich.

The road through Karamyshevo was more frequented and was well marked with a double row of high stakes. The straight road was nearer but little used and had no stakes, or only poor ones covered with snow.

Nikita thought awhile.

'Though Karamyshevo is farther, it is better going,' he said.

'But by the straight road, when once we get through the hollow by the forest, it's good going—sheltered,' said Vasili Andreevich, who wished to go the nearest way.

'Just as you please,' said Nikita, and again let go of his collar.

Vasili Andreevich did as he had said, and having gone about half a verst came to a tall oak stake which had a few dry leaves still dangling on it, and there he turned to the left.

On turning they faced directly against the wind, and snow was beginning to fall. Vasili Andreevich, who was driving, inflated his cheeks, blowing the breath out through his moustache.. . . Read More

Community Reviews

you're all excited about someone new only to discover that the beatles are their all-time favorite band. the most popular pop/rock band of all time, wildly innovative, probably wrote more great songs than any other band... but your all-time favorite band? dullsville.

which is why i'm hesitant to c...more

من فقط از توصیفات زیاد رمان ها و داستانهای روسی کلافه میشم! وگرنه بقیش عالیه :))

(این ریویو را من برای درس اخلاق پزشکی مینویسم و بنابراین از دوستان گودریدزی بخاطر اظهار فضلهای موجود در آن عذرخواهی میکنم!)

داستان تولستوی ماندگار است چون دربارهی نقصان علم پزشکی در قرن نوزدهم روسیه نیست (که از درمان یک آپاندیس عاجز بودند و دارویی برای هپاتیت نداشتند). و نیز دربارهی چگونگی رنج کشی...more

به نظرم حس درد کشیدن و انتظار برای مرگ رو خیلی خوب تشریح کرده بود اینکه هممون حس میکنیم مرگ برای بقیه اس نه ما
این بقیه آدمان که میمیرن نه ما .... هیچ کدوممون تا وقتی مرگ واقعا سراغمون نیاد عمیقا باور نمی کنیم که ماهم باید بمیریم
وقتی تموم شد آرزو کردم کاش علت مرگم بیماری نباشه دوس ندارم درد بک...more

What a great collection of Tolstoys shorter fiction. Here are my star ratings for each story/novella:

The prisoner of the Caucasus - 5
The diary of a madman - 3.5
The death of Ivan Ilyich - 5
The Kreutzer sonata - 5
The devil - 4
Master and man - 4.5
Father Sergius - 5
After the ball - 3.5
The forged cou...more

Ο διάβολος = 5*
Πολικούσκα = 4*
Πατήρ Σέργιος = 3.5*
Οικογενειακή ευτυχία = 4*
O θάνατος του Ιβάν Ίλιτς = 4.5*
M.O. = 4.2

Συμπέρασμα: Ο Tolstoy είναι τόσο μεγάλος συγγραφέας όσο μας έχουν πει. Ακόμα και σ' αυτή τη συλλογή διηγημάτων, όπου η έκταση δεν επαρκεί για να ξεδιπλώσει τη συγγραφική του ιδιοφυί...more

خب روی جلد کتاب نوشته شاهکارهای کوتاه

(البته اگر "شاهکارک "هم میبود چندان جفایی نه در حق کتاب و نه در حق تولستوی نشده بود )

ابتدا که سونات کرویتسر رو خوندم به نظرم خیلی جالب اومد و بعد که مرگ ایوان ایلیچ تمام شد نظرم نسبت به داستان اول تقویت شد
اما با خوندن "بابا سرگئی" هم سونات و هم مرگ ایوان ایلی...more

I have something to say, which, for lovers of literature, might be borderline blasphemous. I read Tolstoy, andand

Hes okay.

Just okay. He didnt rock my world. He didnt change my life. His prose is good, but not magnificent; his characters are relatable, but not unforgettable; his stories are inter...more

My edition of The Death of Ivan Ilych and Other Stories was the Vintage book, translated by Pevear and Volhokonsky. It contains the following stories:

The Death of Ivan Ilych
The Prisoner of the Caucasus
The Diary of a Madman
The Kreutzer Sonata
The Devil
Master and Man
Father Sergius
After the Ball
The F...more

The story of Ivan Ilyich was like wine it goes down smoothly, but leaves a biting, succulent and lasting impression. The book is a deep and moving scrutiny of loss and absolution, in which the writer explores the dichotomy between the artificial and the authentic life. This book is probably the...more

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