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Massacre at Paris

Christopher Marlowe

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Him will we— Pointing to his Sworde. But first lets follow those in France. That hinder our possession to the crowne: As Caesar to his souldiers, so say I: Those that hate me, will I learn to loath. Give me a look, that when I bend the browes, Pale death may walke in furrowes of my face: A hand, that with a graspe may gripe the world, An eare, to heare what my detractors say, A royall seate, a scepter and a crowne: That those which doe behold them may become As men that stand and gase against the Sunne. The plot is laide, and things shall come to passe, Where resolution strives for victory. Exit.

[Scene iii] Enter the King of Navar and Queen [Margaret], and his [olde] Mother Queen [of Navarre], the Prince of Condy, the Admirall, and the Pothecary with the gloves, and gives them to the olde Queene. POTHECARIE. Maddame, I beseech. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Part 1 was better than part 2, I felt. There are only so many times you can reinforce how great Tamburlaine is before it becomes rather repetitive. This play is different from other war-themed works in that both Tamburlaine's thirst for blood and his violent spirit is indefatigable. In fact, I even

It's the old rags to riches story, really - real America. An ambitious man, born with no spoon in his mouth, rises to power through sheer brilliant audacity. Spoilers follow: He even manages to marry the daughter of a rival of higher social class, after overcoming that rival. He's domineering, ruthl

It’s hard not to get swept up in the military triumphalism of this heroic epic, particularly Part One. Tamburlaine the shepherd uses his wit and audacious ambition to rise to emperor, smashing the existing order and tearing down the nobility in the process.

As with all his plays, Marlowe skirts the

The Rise and Fall of a Conqueror
16 January 2014

I was going to have a look at both of these plays as a whole, but it appears that both of these plays are in fact a ten act play divided into two parts. This seemed to also be something of a debate with some of Shakespeare's plays, however the ones tha

*Rated 2.5/5 stars

Read this one for uni - not really my kind of thing, but I managed to get into the first half. It was interesting seeing the story of a tyrant, with no excuses made over his awfulness and his violence shown in full course. It's a brutal story, one full of bloody scenes, but it appe

Christopher Marlowe puzzles me, both as a historical figure and a writer. No matter how much I read about Marlowe, I never feel that I can quite put a finger on him. What do his plays mean? What are they trying to tell us? They seem to offer a multiple of meanings. Often violent and dark, they offer

Like his desire, lift upwards and divine

Tamburlaine is epic and merciless. Kit gave us an orientalist paen, but one woven with gilded verse, an elevating counterpoint to the interminable bloodshed. Marlowe’s canvas is vast, as the dying Tamburlaine commands: Give me a map. The extant world systems

Karakterleri ve olay örgüsüyle belki de en olgun Christopher Marlowe oyunu olan "Büyük Timurlenk I-II / Tamburlaine, The Great I-II", dramatik yapısıyla en azından finaline kadar ağırlığına koruyan Shakespeare’le yarışacak derecede başarılı epik bir oyun örneği. İlk yarısıyla Timur’un yükselişini ko

"The god of war resigns his room to me,
Meaning to make me general of the world."
- Tamburlaine (Part One, Act 5, scene 1)

Tamburlaine, Tamburlaine, Tamburlaine...

It's not hard to see why "Tamburlaine the Great" caused such a stir on its initial performance in the late 16th century. The powerful poetr

"TAMERLÁN EL GRANDE" de Cristopher Marlowe
"¡Guarda tu honor! ¡Pues hace mucho no sabías lo que quería decir!"
Estoy muy feliz de haber terminado esta obra que consta de dos partes (la segunda a pedido del público) pues ya puedo decir que he leído todas las tragedias de este gran dramaturgo isabelino.

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