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Marion Fay

Anthony Trollope

Book Overview: 

Marion Fay offers a pair of romances, each involving a match between one titled personage and one commoner. The misalliances lead to the typical strains between parental desires and romantic wishes of the young. The novel’s primary characters have such noble dispositions that Trollope was impelled to create several far more interesting minor characters who either threaten mayhem or provide amusing diversions.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Lord Hampstead determined to make the experiment, and on a certain morning had himself driven to Cronelloe Thorn, a favourite meet halfway between Penrith and Keswick.

I hold that nothing is so likely to be permanently prejudicial to the interest of hunting in the British Isles as a certain flavour of tip-top fashion which has gradually enveloped it. There is a pretence of grandeur about that and, alas, about other sports also, which is, to my thinking, destructive of all sport itself. Men will not shoot unless game is made to appear before them in clouds. They will not fish unless the rivers be exquisite. To row is nothing unless you can be known as a national hero. Cricket requires appendages which are troublesome and costly, and by which the minds of economical fathers are astounded. To play a game of hockey in accordance with the times you must have a specially trained pony and a gaudy dress. Racquets have given place to tennis because tennis is costly. In a. . . Read More

Community Reviews

In the nineteen nineties I read about twenty-five Trollope novels. After about a decade of reading, I was satisfied. Since then I have I picked up a Trollope novel every year or two. (Fortunately, there are many still waiting for me to read, and as a rule their quality is high) Now I have just finis

The book description attached to this edition is about as perfect a description of this novel as could be written. It does indeed involve two love affairs - romance would be a better term - each between a noble and a commoner and treats the subject with as much humor as one can expect from Trollope.

Class and consumption
This was one of the most rewarding stops on my long trek through all of Trollope's novels. `Marion Fay' was published in 1882 and deals with the gradual breaking down of the class system that dominated British society. It contains two main love stories - one rather tepid and one

Another wholly satisfactory Trollope novel, complete with a cast of wonderful characters, including a noble postal clerk, ambitious stepmother, icky hanger-on of a family cleric, and Quaker heroine. Be careful reading the other reviews because spoilers abound. I would love to see a BBC miniseries ad

I cried until my nose was stuffy and I could hardly breathe. It reminded me of those earlier crying days when I was reading about Little Nell and little David Copperfield and Peggotty in the Dickens novels! A tear-jerker for sure.

I also enjoyed the fox-hunting adventures. (It doesn't bother me when

In this late novel, published the year he died, Trollope managed to create not one, not two, but three villains worthy to stand with Mrs Proudie of Barchester Towers. Lady Kingsbury and her confidant Mr Greenwood (a clergyman!) are terrifically wicked, though the lady eventually comes to something o

I found Marion Fay to be an enjoyable read for the most part, and fairly quick, in spite of its length.
Trollope certainly went on too long in some sections, which makes sense when you know that he was interrupted by other books during the writing of this one. The class differences and hypocrisy wer

I love most of the Trollope I have read, in varying degrees. I took this particular book with me on holiday because it was long and I thought it would last me through at least one trans-Atlantic crossing, which it did.

One of the things I frequently enjoy in Trollope is when he sets up a scenario th

Have begun reading this novel again with the online Trollope spin-off, otherlit, in May 2016.

Not one of Trollope's better known books, but I enjoyed it and there is more to it than meets the eye. It deals in part with consumption (we can forget it was incurable at the time and it's effect has been compared to the AIDS epidemic). It also deals with love and marraige between classes and here

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