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Manon Lescaut

Abbé Prévost

Book Overview: 

Manon Lescaut (on which the Puccini opera is based) takes as its themes passionate, tragic love, and redemption through suffering. It is the story of the Chevalier des Grieux, a student, who sees Manon as she is being taken to a convent, and instantly falls in love with her. He offers to save her from the convent, and the two young lovers run away to Paris. There follow many adventures and tribulations, throughout which the Chevalier remains steadfastly loyal to his love.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .er me,' she added, 'so that we may remain without apprehension in Paris, taking a convenient house, where we shall live, oh how happily together!'

"I represented to her that, although there might be no danger for her, there was a great deal for me, who must be sooner or later infallibly recognised, and continually exposed to a repetition of the trials I had before endured. She gave me to understand that she could not quit Paris without regret. I had such a dread of giving her annoyance, that there were no risks I would not have encountered for her sake. However, we compromised matters by resolving to take a house in some village near Paris, from whence it would be easy for us to come into town whenever pleasure or business required it. We fixed on Chaillot, which is at a convenient distance. Manon at once returned to her house, and I went to wait for her at a side-gate of the garden of the Tuileries.

"She returned an hour after, in a hired c. . . Read More

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--Manon Lescaut

Explanatory Notes

Manon Lescaut is a slut. A priestess of the highest order: and, made to order. Its hard to know if she is real, or the uber male fantasy wet dream, she juxtastruts about so: think John Cage 4.33.

Its the Chevalier whose lament we witness. Not in the ordinary-esque tableau. Which latter didacts a scen

This is a novel that puts me in the not completely unfamiliar position of attempting to balance my extreme distaste for the narrator - and even for his story - against my admiration for the way the story is told. Let's get the aggravations out of the way: objections so strong, they caused me to put

Manon Lescaut is a deceptive novel in multiple ways.
It could be easily labeled as a classic, picturesque short tale of a doomed love affair between a noble young man, Chevalier des Grieux, and a beautiful maiden from a lower breed, set in the Paris of The Régence, a convulsive era where class struct

I wrongly thought this was a classic gay romance due to not being specific on the blurb I read for it on the book app I'm using. It wasn't. But still a good story, not a favorite though.

Des Grieux is a nobleman who falls in love with the irresistible Manon Lescaut, a woman from the lower classes. They run away together and during the course of their relationship, Manon betrays des Grieux three times. He takes her back every time after experiencing some angsty thoughts, such as “But

<< Όμως οι άνθρωποι με χαρακτήρα μπορούν να συγκλονίζονται με χίλιους διαφορετικούς τρόπους. Είναι σα να διαθέτουν πάνω από πέντε αισθήσεις και να μπορούν να συλλαμβάνουν ιδέες και ερεθίσματα που ξεπερνούν τα κανονικά όρια της φύσης. Και επειδή έχουν συναίσθηση του μεγαλείου που τους ανυψώνει πάνω α

We were just going to get into bed when he opened the door. 'Oh God!' I said to Manon, 'it's old G.M!' I leaped for my sword but, as ill-luck would have it, it was tangled with my belt.
The introduction to my Penguin edition discusses this in terms of tragic grandeur - well, call me a Philistine but

"Afirmen que las delicias del amor son pasajeras, que están prohibidas, que serán seguidas de penas eternas y que, cuanto más dulces y sabrosas sean, mayor será la magnanimidad del Cielo al recompensar tan gran sacrificio; pero confiesen que con corazones como los nuestros aquí abajo constituyen la

Montaigne said the more things change the more things stay the same and this short novel published in 1731 proves that the madness that comes along with first love/infatuation is common to teenagers of whatever era.
Chevalier des Grieux is the 18 year old son of a wealthy influential father sees 15 y

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