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The Man Who Lost Himself

H. De Vere Stacpoole

Book Overview: 

The Man Who Lost Himself, a light-hearted story of a luckless American visiting London on yet another of his failed business ventures, when he happens upon a gentleman of status and wealth, who also just happens to be his exact look-alike.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Jones.

He closed the book, returned it, and walked out.

Now that his resolve was made, his fighting spirit was roused. In other words he felt the same recklessness that a man feels who is going into battle, the regardlessness of consequence which marks your true explorer. For Stanley on the frontier of Darkest Africa, Scott on the ice rim of the Beardmore Glacier, had before them positions and districts simple in comparison to those that now fronted Jones, who had before him the Western and South Western London Districts, with all they contained in the way of natives in top hats, natives painted and powdered, tribes with tribal laws of which he knew little, tricks of which he knew less, convenances, ju-pu’s and fetishes. And he was entering this dark and intricate and dangerous country, not as an explorer carrying beads and bibles, but disguised as a top man, a chief.

Burton’s position when he journeyed to Mecca disguised as a Mohamm. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Victor Jones, of Philadelphia, has been in London now for 3 weeks. It should have only taken one week to secure the contract for his fledging business, but a different company won the bid. Victor has less than ten pounds in his pocket, he owes money to the hotel and he has no idea how he will pay fo

A well-written twist on the doppelganger/exchange of identities tale. The theme of being lost in another’s identity is handled with fists of ham, but the limited third-person narration works far better than a first-person approach would have. A good read and a good find.

Very entertaining. Guy gets swapped into the position of his aristocratic lookalike, who has a rubbish reputation, massive debts, and an estranged wife. The aristocrat then goes off and gets himself killed, leaving the clueless stranger (Jones) to carry his name and make whatever he can of this dubi

This story has a theme that has since been used in many different movies, switch identities with someone to change your daily grind. There are a few differences in those moves and tis book; both participants are aware of the change and there is typically some exchange of information or coaching to f

Henry de Vere Stacpoole was a doctor, a traveller, a poet, a dramatist, a biographer and – on the evidence of this book from 1918 – a very capable novelist.

You may know his name from ‘The Blue Lagoon’ – which I hope is a better book that its most recent film adaptations suggest – but this is a very

Very amusing story of doubles and switched identities--with a bit of clever social satire thrown in.

Victor Jones of Philadelphia has a brilliant idea for a manufacturing deal with the British government, but the deal falls through leaving him stranded in London with hardly a penny. He goes for a la

I have a new, old, obscure author to explore! Great story telling for the sake of story telling. The plot is entirely implausible, but that is no accident. In fact, its purposeful implausibility is very well done. A great read for all ages and seasons.

This is the adventure of a lifetime for penniless American Jones. A life-changing adventure. A new identity. One night in a pub he sees a man who looks familiar, very familiar. In fact the man has a face Jones sees everyday in the mirror. Both mutually find this a fascinating and the look-alike to J

4.5 Stars

This is a wonderful story about a penniless American man who accidently meets his double in a crowded Hotel lounge. His lookalike "liquors him up" and the next thing he knows he is waking up in a posh bedroom and being called the Earl of Rochester.

At first he thinks its a practical joke and

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