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The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg and Other Stories

Mark Twain

Book Overview: 

“The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg” is a piece of short fiction by Mark Twain.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Sea to look at it. Did you ever see one before?'

I said no, this was the first one I had ever seen. It cost me a pang to tell that generous lie, for I had seen a million of them in my time, this humble jewel of hers being nothing but a battered old New York Central baggage check.

'Land!' said I, 'you don't go about with it on your person this way, alone and with no protection, not even a dog?'

'Ssh! not so loud,' she said. 'Nobody knows I carry it with me. They think it is in papa's treasury. That is where it generally is.'

'Where is the treasury?'

It was a blunt question, and for a moment she looked startled and a little suspicious, but I said:

'Oh, come, don't you be afraid about me. At home we have seventy millions of people, and although I say it myself that shouldn't, there is not one person among them all but would trust me with untold fish-hooks.'

This reassured her, and she told me wher. . . Read More

Community Reviews

I only read the one story, "The Man who Corrupted Hadleyburg", but it was simply amazing. I don't know how the other stories fare, but it is Mark Twain. The funny thing is that I didn't really have that much of an opinion for Mr. Twain. I know he has written many classics, but they never really spar

This collection of short stories shows a different side of Mark Twain. Works such as these from later in his life have a cynicism that is not so prevalent in his earlier writing. Still, Twain's typical wit and twists of plot kept me laughing throughout.

some classically typical Twain short stories here that have stuck with me and some that don't have much relevance today. On the balance, most stories are good, but not 'must-read.' Not a bad use of time, reading this - but easily skipped.

Temptation is a hard taskmaster! Today I read The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg and Other Short Stories by Mark Twain. This is one of his lesser known works but is still full of Twain magic. The small town of Hadleyburg is locally well known for the unflinching honesty of its citizens. A stranger th

A classic written by Twain. A short fiction story that was enjoyable and filled with humor. Poor Hadleyburg went from being a quiet little town to being corrupted due to a stranger passing by who was offended and plotted revenge against the people of the town. At the end, he did just that. This is a

Legendary author Mark Twain presents a collection of essays, stories, and assorted other pieces, ranging from creative fantasies about a conman swindling a town of puritans to recounts of his short-lived adventures at soldiering to his opinion of Christian Scientists. A nice collection of very well

Twain's satire is a pleasure to read. I do believe, however, that his forte is the metacognitive commentary on language. That really gets me laughing, anyway.

My favourite pieces are probably: "The Esquimaux Maiden's Romance," "[My Retranslation]" of The Jumping Frog story from the French, and "Meis

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