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George MacDonald

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .I suppose,—"

"A fugue 'll be some kin' o' a tune, than? That casts a heap o' licht on't, my leddy—I never saw an organ: what is 't like?"

"Something like a pianoforte."

"But I never saw ane o' them either. It's ill makin' things a'thegither oot o' yer ain heid."

"Well, it's played with the fingers—like this," said Florimel. "And the fugue is a kind of piece where one part pursues the other,—"

"An' syne," cried Malcolm eagerly, "that ane turns roon' an' rins efter the first;—that 'll be 'fled and pursued transverse.' I hae't! I hae't! See, my leddy, what it is to hae sic schoolin', wi' music an' a'! The proportions—that's the relation o' the notes to ane anither; an' fugue—that comes frae fugere to flee —'fled and pursued transverse the resonant fugue '—the tane rinnin' efter the tither, roon' an' roon'. Ay, I hae't noo!— Resonant—that's echoing or resounding. . . . Read More

Community Reviews

The title and cover art make this look like a trashy romance, don't they? And it is a romance, but in that 19th-century sense in that the whole story is Gothic and romantic.
I wanted to read George MacDonald because I've liked C.S. Lewis's writing and he mentions MacDonald all the time. I confess I

This moving story, originally published in 1875 by an incredible Scottish writer that I greatly admire, was a beautiful tale about pride and humility, parental abandonment, selfishness, forgiveness, and redemption, and the very admirable character Malcom finding the true identity of who is parents a

One of the best books ever. Has a bit of everything for anyone. classic, romance, history, poetry, mystery, intrigue, poetic descriptions,family and secrets. I hate science fiction so okay-that may not work, but this book has you covered in many genres. I have this with the 2nd follow up book.-Must

"The Fisherman's Lady" is a "retelling for modern readers" of MacDonald's romance originally entitled "Malcolm."
As a rule, I avoid abridgments. My husband explains it thusly: "If the author is considered a master, and the 'reteller' is not, what business does he have retelling it?"
What business in

I have wanted to return to these MacDonald novels for years now and finally read this one again. It is the story of Malcolm. How does it hold up? At first I didn’t think I was going to like it again at all. I did not enjoy the old piper’s ravings and I remembered being endeared to him before. In the

This book is lovely. While being a suspenseful mystery tale, it also develops deeply rich and varied characters and unabashedly laces Christian faith seamlessly throughout. And then it ends with a cliffhanger! Ordering the sequel today!

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