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The Magical Mimics in Oz

Jack Snow

Book Overview: 

The land of OZ is the happiest fairyland anywhere, but there are evil creatures whose only ambition is to destroy that happiness. Lurking inside Mount Illuso, just south of the Deadly Desert, live the Magic Mimics, a race devoted to causing the maximum chaos and unhappiness everywhere, but mainly in the land of OZ. Until now they have been kept at bay by a spell, but when Princess Ozma leaves OZ for 3 days, their foul machinians are quicly put into play. Princess Dorothy is left in chage of OZ and must deal with these happiness crushing beings. Can she do it? Will Toto help? You bet!!! Listen to this rip snorting adventure in oz and enjoy all of your old friends again. .

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Queen Ra had recently made two important discoveries that raised her hopes so high that she believed she might be able soon to defy both Ozma and Glinda.

First, she had discovered that Ozma and Glinda were about to depart on a journey that would take them away from the Land of Oz. Second, she had learned that in one of Ozma's books of magic records in the Royal Palace of the Emerald City was written the charm that would break the spell Queen Lurline had cast on the Mimics to protect Oz!

The Queen held in her hands a circlet of dully gleaming metal

This morning Queen Ra had assumed the shape of a huge woman—almost a giantess—with the head of a grey wolf. King Umb wore the form of a black bear with an owl head. The Queen held in her hands a circlet of dully gleaming metal. The red eyes of her wolf head gazed at it steadily, while she muttered an incantation. As the wolf-headed woman spoke, a wisp of grey mist app. . . Read More

Community Reviews

The best of the post Baum books. Snow was able to write a simple, entertaining book that fits well within the Oz cannon. I liked having Dorthy as one of the main protagonists again. It's been a while since she played a major role in an Oz book.

My first Snow Oz book--novella, really. But compelling and avoided the missing prince/king rut that Ruth Plumly Thompson got into.

The introduction to this one says that it’s one of the darker books in the Oz canon, but I’m not sure I’d necessarily agree with that. Even in the first one, there was a field of opium poppies and our main characters were basically overwhelmed by heroin.

Still, the plot here is certainly dark enough,

This has a good story, in keeping with the Oz world, except for one important thing. It changes the history of how Oz and the royal Oz fairy monarchy was created. Mr Baum, and continued by Ms Plumly Thompson, wrote about how the monarchy came to be and unfortunately, Mr Snow chose to change that. I

I have read 50+ Oz books, not all of which I will add to this site. This is one of my favorites.

An interesting but rather uneven book; Snow has some intriguing ideas and his darker sensibilities would’ve been a good fit in the postwar era, but he tries to ape Baum’s style and too much of the book reads like fan-fiction, with repeated lists of beloved characters thrown in to reassure the reader

The best of the post-Baum Oz books, this one is very exciting and the Mimics make for great villains.

ETA 2018: It’s a real shame Jack Snow didn’t write more Oz books, because this one is one of the best post-Baum entries in the fantasy franchise. Snow creates some formidable new villains in the Mimi