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The Magic City

E. Nesbit

Book Overview: 

Philip and Lucy discover that the city Philip has built using toys, books and household objects, has come alive. This is the account of their incredible adventures in those magical lands, where they meet characters from books and history, mythical beasts, and many other nice (and not so nice) people and creatures.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Only don't tell the judge. I am sure he would never forgive me.'

After that, what prisoner would not immediately have escaped?[60]

The two children only waited till the sound of the gaoler's keys had died away on the stairs, to open their door, run down the many steps and slip out of the prison gate. They walked a little way in silence. There were plenty of people about, but no one seemed to notice them.

'Which way shall we go?' Lucy asked. 'I wish we'd asked him where the Charitables live.'

'I think,' Philip began; but Lucy was not destined to know what he thought.

There was a sudden shout, a clattering of horses' hoofs, and all the faces in the square turned their way.

'They've seen us,' cried Philip. 'Run, run, run!'

He himself ran, and he ran toward the gate-house that stood at the top of the ladder stairs by which they had come up, and behind him came the shouting and clatter of hot pursuit. The captain. . . Read More

Community Reviews

The first real book I ever read on my own; "real" in the sense of having a couple of hundred pages, not very many pictures, a plot, and some character development. I remember being puzzled by the switches between the everyday world and the fantasy world, and not understanding what was going on until

elifthereader bir çocuk kitabı kategorisi için Büyülü Şehir’i seçmiştim. Aslında bu kitap benim özellikle satın aldığım bir kitap değildi, yaptığım bir kitap alışverişinde hediye olarak eklenmişti. Edith Nesbit meşhur Demiryolu Çocukları’nın yazarıymış ve bu kitabı fantastik edebiyat klasikleri aras

Yaptığım bir kitap alışverişinin üzerine promosyon olarak eklenen, içindeki resimleri görünce Narnia-vari bir macera beklediğim ancak aynı heyecan ve keyfi bulamadığım bir kitaptı Büyülü Şehir.

Tabi ki 1910'da yazılıp günümüze ulaşmış kitaplara saygım çok büyük. Bir açıdan o günün efsanevi, bugünün k


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I've known for some time that C.S. Lewis loved E. Nesbit's children's stories. Recently I have come across a lot of varied authors upon whom Nesbit was an influence. And then I read Gore Vidal's essay about Nesbit as the best of Englis

Este clásico infantil y su autora, Edith Nesbit, me resultaban totalmente desconocidos hasta el momento, pero de la que ya me declaro seguidor, y tengo ganas de leer alguna obra más.
Me ha parecido una historia llena de magia y fantasía, que tiene por protagonistas a dos niños; Philip y Lucy, que hac

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