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The Mad King

Edgar Rice Burroughs

Book Overview: 

Shades of The Prisoner of Zenda! All our old friends are here—the young king, the usurping uncle and his evil henchman, the beautiful princess, the loyal retainer and the unwilling imposter. What more could you Hope for? This fast-paced story stays far away from Tarzan’s jungle or the inner world of Pellucidar.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .He thinks that by frightening you he will be able to keep you from running away."

"Your majesty does not know him," whispered the youth, shuddering. "He is the wickedest man in all the world. Nothing would please him more than killing me, and he would have done it long since but for two things. One is that I have made myself useful about his camp, doing chores and the like, and the other is that were he to kill me he knows that my father would never pay him."

"How much does your father owe him?"

"Five hundred marks, your majesty," replied Rudolph. "Two hundred of this amount is the original debt, and the balance Yellow Franz has added since he captured me, so that it is really ransom money. But my father is a poor man, so that it will take a long time before he can accumulate so large a sum.

"You would really like to go home again, Rudolph?"

"Oh, very much, your majesty, if I only dared." Barney was silent for some . . . Read More

Community Reviews

eponymous sentence:
p4: The mad king had escaped.

This is one of those books where it is ultimately better to just enjoy the ride. The sequel better answer the questions, though.

If you read a description of this book, you'll think it's just another telling of the Prince-and-the-Pauper story, because it does involve a mistaken identity. But read the book, because the amount of tension and nail-biting action will astound you. I could not put this book down whilst reading it,

Have you ever been mistaken for someone else? In the book, The Mad King by Edgar Rice Burroughs protagonist Barney Custer is mistaken as the King of the imaginary European city of Lutha. This book can be thrown under the category of historical fiction or even romance. Throughout the book, Barney Cus

This story reminded me of the serials that we used to see before the Saturday matinee when I was a kid. It's kind of a Prince and Pauper scenario; two cousins, one a king, one a American citizen; the king of Lutha has been kept a prisoner by his regent for 10 years and the American, Barney Custer, o

Edgar Rice Burroughs' The Mad King (published 1926) is true to the Ruritanian Romance genre popularized by Anthony Hope's The Prisoner of Zenda (published 1894).
A ruler (usually of a small European country -- although Robert A. Heinlein's Double Star takes it galactic and won his the Hugo Award in 1

On the eve of World War I, American Barney Custer undergoes a series of unlikely adventures in a small Balkan country that is undergoing a crisis of succession to its throne.

I was listening to David Stifel’s audio version of this story on his excellent podcast, The Fantastic Worlds of Edgar Rice Bur

Being familiar with the story of the Prisoner of Zenda, when I picked this tale up in my teens, I thought it was a copy of that work. Little did I know that Hope's Zenda was copied in many places. Jack Lemmon and Flashie both live Ruritanian Romances and so wanting to research for a project I recent

I downloaded this onto my smartphone, where I do most of my light reading, from U. of VA's E-book site.

It's a good rollicking, deus ex machina, early 20th century action novel.

I make no claims about having high brow reading preferences, or not. But in any case, on a deep level, there's a lot to be

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