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The Macdermots of Ballycloran

Anthony Trollope

Book Overview: 

This is the story of the Macdermots of Ballycloran the story is about the tragic demise of a landowning family. Larry Macdermot lives in a dilapidated mansion in Co. Leitrim, whose mortgage to Joe Flannelly he cannot keep up. Enmity between the Macdermot and Flannelly families is sharpened by son Thady's having declined to marry Joe Flannelly's daughter, Sally. Macdermot's daughter, Feemy, is herself seduced by the locally hated English police officer, Captain Myles Ussher.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Will you tell me, then, or Mrs. McKeon?"

"Oh, perhaps I'll be telling you, you know, when I come down to confession at Christmas; but indeed I shan't be telling Mrs. McKeon anything about it, to go talking over the counthry."

"Then, Feemy, I may as well tell you at once—if you will not trust to me, to your brother, or any friend who may be able to protect you from insult—nor prevail on your lover to come forward in a decent and respectable way, and avow his purpose—it will become your brother's duty to tell him that his visits can no longer be allowed at Ballycloran."

"Ballycloran doesn't belong to Thady, and he can't tell him not to come."

"That's not well said of you, Feemy; for you know your father is not capable of interfering in this business; but if, as under those circumstances he will do, Thady quietly and firmly desires Captain Ussher to stay away from Ballycloran, I think he'll not venture to come here. If . . . Read More

Community Reviews

This is not the edition of The Macdermots of Ballycloran that I read. Unfortunately, books published by the Folio Society rarely appear in Goodreads' databases, so I usually pick the edition whose number of pages is the closest (the Folio edition has 448 pages as opposed to Penguin's 384).

The main

This is the first of forty-seven novels by Anthony Trollope. I would say he got off to a pretty good start, and I laud him for not giving up when the public proclaimed it a failure. It's an Irish novel, which was not popular at the time in England, and it is a sad tale with only a few bright lights,

This was Trollope's debut. It didn't sell well and I wasn't expecting much. I was pleasantly surprised. Trollope's prose and general writing style was immediately recognizable. It appears he knew how to go about it from the first. The two biggest differences from his later novels are that he has onl

I love Trollope's novels, but I didn't expect his first novel to be this good. The Irishness is not just a matter of exotic stage setting or condescending comedy, as happens so often in English novels about Ireland. Trollope clearly observed Irish culture and landscape and ways of living closely; he

An obscure choice for only the second Trollope I've ever read (the first was, predictably, Barchester Towers). But, as so often with me, it's been on my shelves for years and sooner or later I will get round to reading it.

And glad I did. Trollope's first novel and one of a number he wrote with an Ir

Trollope's first novel was much better than I'd been led to expect. His voice is instantly recognisable, and his interests - legal matters, horse-flesh - are already evident. The diversions, while not adding much to the plot, were fascinating standalone pieces.
Feemy is hard to forgive, but what teac

His first novel, and, um, not his greatest. Oh, Trollope, whyfor phonetically rendered Irish dialect?

I have The Complete Works of Anthony Trollope on my kindle and decided to give him a try. Decided to read his first novel, The Macdermots of Ballycloran.

I do not regret this decision. It was an excellent novel! The plot was realistic and good and the characters were real people! Even though this is

First sentence: In the autumn, 184 — , business took me into the West of Ireland, and, amongst other places, to the quiet little village of Drumsna, which is in the province of Connaught, County Leitrim, about 72 miles w.n.w. of Dublin, on the mail-coach road to Sligo.

Premise/plot: A traveler (presu

I read this story in a collection of Trollope's works. I have been wanting to read a story by him & decided on his first (1847) which is / was not very popular or well received but I agree with Trollope's comments on this, he did "not know that I ever made one so good." Never having read him before,

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