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The Lure of the Labrador Wild

Dillon Wallace

Book Overview: 

The Lure Of The Labrador Wild is a account of a expedition by Leonidas Hubbard, an adventurer and journalist to canoe the system Naskaupi River - Lake Michikamau in Labrador and George River in Quebec. His companions on this journey were his friend, New York lawyer Dillon Wallace and an Indian guide from Missannabie, George Elson. From the start, the expedition was beset with mistakes and problems. Instead of ascending the Naskaupi River, by mistake they followed the shallow Susan Brook. After hard long portaging and almost reaching Lake Michikamau, with food supplies running out, on September 15 at Windbound lake, they decided to turn back. On October 18, Wallace and Elson went in a search of cached store of flour, leaving Hubbard behind in a tent. Hubbard died of exhaustion and starvation on either same or next day. Wallace got lost in the snowstorm, while Elson, after a week of bushwhacking, building raft to cross swollen rivers (with no ax), reached the nearest occupied cabin. A search party found Wallace alive on October 30, 1903.( Summary from Wikipedia)

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .re darkly silhouetted against the sky, radiant with its myriads of stars. The roar of the river could be heard dying away into a mere murmur among the hills below.

"Boys," said Hubbard, after we had made a good supper of a mess of trout I had caught at midday, "this pays for all the hard work."

Undoubtedly Hubbard was in fine fettle that evening, and as we lay before the fire with that delicious feeling of languor which comes from conscientious toil, he entertained George and me with quotations from his favourite author, Kipling, while we puffed comfortably upon our pipes. One verse he dwelt upon, as it seemed particularly appropriate to our position. It was:

When first under fire, if you're wishful to duck,
Don't look or take heed of the man that is struck;
Be thankful you're living and trust to your luck,
And march to your front like a soldier."

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Community Reviews

This was exactly the type of book I have been searching for these last few months. It's a true account of three explorers in a canoe travelling and getting very lost in northern Labrador. All in 1903. Very good book and would recommend.

I wasn’t sure about reading this book. Set in a remote region of Canada and written over 100 years ago, just wasn’t sure the language and narrative would really grab me. Was I wrong! I think it may be my favorite book read in 2022, to be honest. Three young(!) men in their early twenties, strong, fi


Such an interesting read! To read about how people mounted expeditions into the wilderness in 1903 was interesting. The weight of the packs they carried was monstrous! Today we have detailed topo maps and GPS. They had word of mouth....and bad maps. It's a wonder any of them lived at all. I LOVE

A dear friend of mine gave me this book a few years ago and I finally got around to reading it. And I should have gotten to it sooner!

The story of these three men in the early 1900’s enduring the hardships of the Labrador backcountry, facing adverse weather conditions and ethical dilemmas made for a

Wonderful book. A true-life story of fear and death while at the same time efficiently bringing the reader into the joys of nature, high adventure and traveling and living in the wild. This is really a story of Leonidas Hubbard who died before he could return to the Labrador coast.

[Leonidas Hubbard

It's always the way, Wallace, when a fellow starts on a long trail, he's never willing to quit...you'll say each trip will be the last, but when you come home you'll hear the voice of the wilderness calling you to return, and it will lure you away again and again.

Well, I did not see that twist comin

One can easily imagine a young boy, born near the end of the great age of exploration that opened up the world, dreaming of being and explorer, perhaps as a we who grew in the early days of space exploration dreamt of being astronauts.

Leonodis Hubbard, born and raised in the woods of the northern U

My brother turned me on to this book. His son, who lives in Sept Iles, Quebec, says that most families up there have two books in their house at least—the Bible, and The Lure of the Labrador Wild.

Just when I thought I've read all the books on suffering and misery in exploration, I discover another

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