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The Lovels of Arden

M. E. Braddon

Book Overview: 

The novel traces the return of a young Englishwoman from several years of schooling abroad, to find that her life will not take up where she thought it would. Clarissa Lovel faced not only an emotionally and financially bereft father, but her first glimpse at love - and that not from the best vantage point.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . ., they give him whatever he likes to eat, you know. It is almost the same kind of thing."

He took his place in the phaeton presently, and talked gaily enough all the way home, in that particular strain required to match my lady's agreeable rattle; but he had a vague sense of uneasiness lurking somewhere in his mind, a half-consciousness that he was drifting the wrong way.

All that evening he was especially attentive to Lady Geraldine, whose headache had left her with a pale and pensive look which was not without its charm. The stately beauty had a softer air, the brightness of the blue eyes was not so cold as it was wont to be. They played chess again, and Mr. Fairfax kept aloof from Clarissa. They; walked together in the gardens for a couple of hours next morning; and George Fairfax pressed the question of his marriage with such a show of earnestness and warmth, that Geraldine's rebellious pride was at once solaced and subdued, . . . Read More

Community Reviews

This isn’t one of Mrs Braddon’s sensation novels but more of a romance or even a coming-of-age novel but nonetheless an entertaining enough read. In the prim Miss Granger and the self-centred Mr Lovel we find characters who would be at home in an Austen novel but the heroine, Clarissa, although boun

I ended up liking Clarissa since she stopped acting like a brainless twit.

Though I didn't like this novel very much, I couldn't help but going on reading to see how it ended.
It left me a little bit disappointed because usually I love M.E. Braddon's works, but this one was not one of her best ones.
Very thin plot, not so sensational as usually are this author's works, just

What Clarissa Lovel needed was a Sassy Gay Friend: “What are you doing? What-what-WHAT are you doing???” https://youtu.be/lwnFE_NpMsE

Mary Elizabeth Braddon ama cacciare i suoi personaggi femminili in matrimoni senza amore da cui non potranno più uscire; in questo caso, la trappola in cui finisce la povera, giovanissima vittima è ordita, si può dire, da tutte le persone che le sono più care. Che la nostra eroina riesca alla fine i

Kind of realistic depiction of a young girl making bad decisions and being tempted by a man with nothing to lose, for all that it was written in the Victorian era and set in high society. Clarissa is well brought up girl who thinks of the feelings of others too much, and is swayed too much by them i

A pleasant meander through parts of England and Europe with deposed heiress Clarissa Lovel with -- of course -- a "happily-ever-after" ending. I think I understand now what typifies the sensationalist novel, for which Mary Elizabeth Braddon was renowned. Just a step above the Harlequin romances of t

I'm currently going through Braddon's books, and enjoyed this one. It's in a different style than some of her other more sensational tales, but it still keeps you glued to the page to find out how things work out.

Where other books run on plot twists or vivid characters, this book runs on morals, so

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