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The Loudwater Mystery

Edgar Jepson

Book Overview: 

Lord Loudwater is found murdered in his house one evening. Unfortunately for Detective Flexen, who is to investigate the case, Lord Loudwater was not a very agreeable sort of fellow and almost every person in his vicinity had a motive for the crime. Was it his young wife or her lover, his former fiance or even one of the servants?

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Not hurt you? Hey? I can't hurt the corespondent in a divorce case?
Hey?" said Lord Loudwater rather breathlessly.

"As if a man who has abused and bullied his wife as you have could get a divorce!" said Grey, and he laughed a gentle, contemptuous laugh, galling beyond words.

It galled Lord Loudwater surely enough; he snapped his fingers four times and gibbered.

"I tell you what it is: I've had enough of your manners," said Grey.
"What you want is a lesson. And if I hear that you've been bullying Lady
Loudwater about this simple matter of my having had tea with her, I'll
give it you—with a horsewhip."

"You'll give me a lesson? You?" whispered Lord Loudwater, and he danced a little frantically.

"Yes. I'll give you the soundest thrashing any man hereabouts has had for the last twenty years, if I have to begin by knocking your ugly head off your shoulde. . . Read More

Community Reviews

There was nothing original in the story. I enjoyed the characters, but the murderer is so easy to guess it takes away all the fun of it. (view spoiler)[The moment the switch of pen while writing the letter in the first chapter happened, I was sure the secretary had done it... I would have liked to be proven wrong, (hide spoiler)]

Excellent storyline right to the end

Wonderful writing. Funny, cutting , Dickensian and Wodehousian. Bad guy deserves all he gets and egos abound until the last paragraph. What a shame there are no more! Thank you to the people/volunteers who prepared it for republication. A most enjoyable couple of

Everyone despises Lord Loudwater, and so when he is found murdered in his smoking room, acting Chief Constable George Flexen doesn't want for suspects: there is his lordship's young bride, Olivia Loudwater and her admirer, Colonel Grey; Loudwater's secretary and aspiring playwright, Herbert Manley;

The Lord Loudwater is a big mouthed bully and absolutely no one at his estate or in the surrounding community, including his wife, escapes his harsh words and threats.

It has gotten so bad that his wife totally ignores most of what he says and has found solace in the friendship of a Col. Gray. He sac

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